When my friend and I visited Bangkok to attend the Twice Concert last year, I had a dilemma about going to the Ghibli Exhibition. As we arrived near the end of the exhibition, we managed to allocate half a day to visit it. Despite walking around 20,000 steps that day, I still had to stand for a few hours for the Twice concert the next day. I tried to find a massage place, but unfortunately, I couldn't manage to find one. Overall, I really enjoyed the whole experience of visiting the exhibition.

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Before this I shopped quite a bit in the Siam Square area, we can leave additional shopping bags before we enter. We also need to go toilet since there’s no toilet inside the exhibition. This is the entrance of the Ghibli Exhibition, I love the arch shape of the Totoro. My favorite Ghibli character is Totoro.

Movie poster of all Ghibli Studio movies.

Before we went in, we got this paper that you can collect different chops in the stamp station they set up throughout the Studio Ghibli Exhibition.

The first part of the Studio Ghibli Exhibition is Howl's Moving Castle. I love this big moving castle they set up; it looks so gorgeous.

Some of the movie scene setup from The Howl's Moving Castle.

Following is the Castle in the Sky. Love this as they set up the floating female lead and then you can pose below like you prepare to hold her.

Here's the update of the stamp that I collected and chopped on the paper.

Some of the movie scenes are set in The Castle in the Sky. It was so nice to see the real movie scenes at the Studio Ghibli Exhibition.

 I managed to take photos of some of the art on the corners. 

I never watched Kiki's Delivery Service but I love the characters and take a lot of photos.

I really liked my outfit that day. I had been thinking about what to wear to the Studio Ghibli Exhibition in Bangkok and in the end, I decided to wear my orange slip dress. This dress has been with me for quite some time.

Both the characters' leads are so cute, took closer and separate photos of them.

Besides the setup of the real movie scene, there are some corners for guests to take photos. This one is quite fun as well so that the guests can pose and take photos.

Porco Rosso

I haven’t watched this movie before but I like this blue sky scene of mimicking the blue sky and the character flying his plane in the sky.

Before we moved to the next movie scene of the exhibition, we passed by this wall and I took way too many photos with this wall.

After walking past this jungle wall tunnel, trying to take photos there were a lot of people also waiting to take photos as well. 

We reach a big thick tree trunk where Totoro is sleeping inside. Finally, we are at my favorite Studio Ghibli movie at all times.

The two sisters are always taking care of each other on one of the rainy nights when they encounter Totoro. Then they start the fun memories adventure with Totoro itself.


Their first encounter with Totoro which is way so cute. The famous scene in the movie! Trying to blend in with my outfit. Each of the famous photo corners that they set up, they only allow 30-60 seconds of photo sessions and we need to let the next person take them already.

The famous cat bus.

Super cute Totoro chilling and drinking tea on the tree branch!

Pom Poko

I never watched this movie before. The scene from the movie is really quite cute. They even set up their house in the exhibition as well.

Cute photos of the neighborhood.

This is also a famous movie from Ghibli Studio called Princess Mononoke. I haven't watched it because I think it might have a sad ending, but the animation is excellent.

I noticed that I took so many background photos during the Studio Ghibli exhibition. I like how they printed 

I feel this small creature character in Princess Mononoke movie is super duper cute! But it can be quite scary because they appear weirdly in the movie.

This movie Spirited Away is a must-watch film from Ghibli Studio. 

When I was finally at Spirited Away in this Studio Ghibli Exhibition, I felt quite overwhelmed because they definitely spent a lot of effort building up the movie scene. I think Spirited Away is my favorite area among all the movie scene areas we visited.

Movie Scene background!

Yubaba is one of the characters from Spirited Away, which has a twin sister and both of them have different personalities.

I love the room decor of the movie scene from Spirit Away!

This is also one of my favorite scenes in the movie Spirited Away! Unfortunately, I couldn't take many photos there due to the long queue and time limit. The Foreman character is quite popular, and many people love to dress up as him during Halloween because it's easy to imitate.

After finishing the exhibition, they set up a big background featuring scenes from some of Studio Ghibli's movies, which I really liked. I took so many photos here. We also managed to get all the stamps on the paper we received at the start. I really enjoyed the Studio Ghibli Exhibition in Bangkok. I could see so many nice and detailed setups that were memorable.

Till Then.


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