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Do you guys know that finding the correct bra is very important? I was really honored to be able to join Neubodi on this journey of looking for the bra that is specially fit for my breast! What's make Neubodi brand different from any other of the lingerie brand? Continue to read on and follow my bra fitting journey with Neubodi.

About Neubodi

Founded in 2008, Neubodi is a lingerie brand dedicated to providing the right fit of beauty and confidence for every modern woman today. It is a brand passionate to inspire a new attitude among women; that a bra is not simply a piece of cloth that covers the breasts, but rather a daily essential needed to achieve beautiful and healthier looking breasts. Neubodi further couples this strength with the art of holistic fitting to emerge as the leading expert in designing and selecting the right size, bra cup and style that fits for all women.

“Every Woman Deserves the Right Bra” conveys the philosophy and passion behind the creation of the Neubodi brand. We devoted 100% to ensure our collections are made from high quality materials and superior craftsmanship. This is why every piece of Neubodi bra requires a far greater proportion of manual work --- from crafting, cutting, stitching, testing to fitting, each bra goes through at least 45 stages of assembly with over 60 different parts of materials to create the impeccable fit.” said Anne Tan, Managing Director & Founder of Neubodi

Hello everyone, time passed so fast and its already October near to Christmas, have you achieved something that you have planned for early in the year? 

Guess what, doing charity is always part of my Wishlist and I always hope there is a chance for me to take part in any charity event. For this month of Pink October month, I have come across that Neubodi, a Malaysian lingerie specialist brand officially launched its month-long “DONATE. SUPPORT. RECYCLE” Bra Drive campaign which will run until 5 November, in conjunction with the International Breast Cancer Awareness month.