It's been a while since I done my manicure and this time I visit this newly open Beauty Parlor for a new makeover for my nails. 

About Luminous Beauty Parlor

Located in the heart of Desa Park City, Luminous Beauty Parlour takes pride in aiming to be the ultimate stop for everyone who needs the following services, Nails, Facial, Spa Massage, and Embroidery.

In line with our tagline “irreplaceable human touch” customers can be assured of their professional care and services catered to customer needs by the skilled and experienced therapist. Luminous Beauty Parlour very much understands that women need to look beautiful, groomed, youthful and presentable. They also strongly believe in providing only the best for their customers in regards to the services they offer as well as the products they use on a customer. 

Much effort and thought were put into their luxurious and modern setting premise in order for their customers to feel comfortable, relaxed and pampered the moment they step in.