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愿神也祝福您!! =)

Here to write small small things happen to me but give big meaning for me ya =)

Today i took bus back as usual~
Actually it cost RM2 from SJK Chong Hwa to Ong Tai Kim
I think it very costly lo==
Both the place are on the same road~
I took bus from GK to Tarc also just RM1 la==
No choice lo~
Cannot drive wor~
But actually i thought rapid usually RM1 only~
That time i just prepare RM1 syiling~
And a piece of RM10~
And the bus driver ask RM2 from me~
But i don't have syiling==
That time i feel nervous and angry also d~
He ask me find change from other passenger~
I most hate d==
Luckily got one old man~
He pay for me ler...
I feel grateful d~
Feel happy at some time~
I say thank you to him as well =)
but somehow i feel my mood also not tat bad as well le~

Today when I was suppose to went out...
When i just out from the lift..
One old woman~
We know her from our neighborhood d~
She ask me to help her order gas for her..
Haha..I do help la=)
I walk to the shop outside my house and help her order~
The people say will be there around 30minutes~
But The old woman waited down the lift there~
So i walk back there and tell her..
Luckily I got ask where she stay d~
She keep saying thank you and word of blessing~
But it really doesn't matter for me~
Then I ask her to go up sin~
She say is ok~
She can go up by her own...
Kind of sad seeing her like 70++
But live alone~
Her children move away~
My mum say cuz her son geh wife dun like her~
When i go back~
Hope she got her gas d~
And Healthy alway~

I really think through about these things happen to me=)
I feel blessed by God presence as well~
I am so grateful and thankful that no matter what I do
God is always there=)
He will always watches and give lots and lots of blessing into our life =)

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