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Hi all, will be rushing to write few Chinese New Year post before Chap Gor meh(CNY last day). How did I actually spend my Chinese New Year though, it was quite red on the first day because something is coming!! LOL As first day thought to wear dress but because period is here so I have to wear normal shirt and pant on that day! My first day is actually quite bored + fun because I can spend my lunch time with my darling boy family and his 公公. I get a lots of angpow on that date lunch also! Although I can't wear dress on the first day but I manage to same couple shirt with my darling. haha

Although I am a Christian but I do celebrating Chinese New Year back to my granny 's house. Sinc my daddy is not around so we usually back to mummy side that is to Melacca. Although the Chu xi we plan to back to Melacca but things weren't as we plan. That is some problem came up and we manage to start journey at 1pm and reach Tangkak ( my Aunt's house) around 3pm. I feel so bless because I have my big darling here to support me and my family. I love his quote saying, Love me and must Love my family too!! 

My darling boy with his nephew.
Bellooo my lovely readers, you all can know what I will be blogging about by reading the title ya. This workshop although I am not the lucky 10 to join their workshop but I still attend to show my support to them!! Both of them is always one of my favorite fashion blogger. They are so pretty and one of them is already a mummy of one cute fighter and another is mummy to be in few months. Hehe..actually I miss the chance lar because I didn't email to join in time. 

At first when I saw the workshop is going to end like on 8th of January. I feel like giving up maybe their workshop will be more private gua. But my darling bii told me differently lar..he say shouldn't be private in small room de. They have the changing session. I was....hmm..correct wor... so I finally make up my mind to go Isetan Klcc to support! Heyaa~~

We went there after my work at school. A bit rush and I did saw Audrey and her hubby at Tong Pak fu when we are on the way to foodcourt for lunch! My darling say go some nice place to lunch, but I want to finish my lunch faster and go see them ma. So I decide have pepper lunch express to eat! But a bit regret because the steel plate is too hot. I also use quite some time to just blowing my food. == wtf

A bit late but when we are just reach, they are just about to start! So thrilled and happy to see them both~~
Hi guys, am back with second day post at Penang. Today is our team building with our group. I am quite happy to be in Ninja Turtle as well because everyone is very friendly and fun to be together! haha. We are here and we took our company trip photo here! And so with our group also! Btw the weather is kinda hot so I am prepare with cap and sun block for today challenges.

#1 The escape park

My second post of Penang trip. More and more photo since this post will be until night! hahas. The weather on its day is kinda windy and raining also. So the sun is not bright and shine though. I always wanted to come Penang Art street I kinda act too happy when I visit here. As you guys know that we come here in group and it Sunday the day we visit here. There are a lot of tourist visit here as well and if you want to take photo with the Street art, probably have to line up and wait for your turn! 

#1 Canon street har..sound interesting~ haha
Here goes my Penang post, have many things happen in these 3 days 2 night Penang trip. I really enjoy every moment happen as well. This is my first time to Penang although my darling is not with me. But I do hope to go Penang together with him. haha

We start our journey at 6:30am and reach Penang around 12pm lunch and we went over the Penang Bridge to our next destination. The view of the Penang Bridge I didn't took much because on bus and the bridge keep block me to taking photo of the beautiful view of Penang. 

Here one of the photo that I love much! hehe

Red Sunday

Friday, December 06, 2013 in

1st of December is ICT National organise by my company that is why I am working on a Sunday. Saw all there tall trophy is for the students okay, and there are even hardisk, printer and laptop too! 现在的小孩真幸福!哈哈

EJR 2013 + Hotspring trip

Sunday, November 24, 2013 in
hey peeps, its my blogging time again!! Today I will blog about my Tohor trip at Perak on the 17th November - 19th November. Why I am here!? As I mention before I went here half of it is because working trip and relax trip. But I think more on working than relax la! Babysitting wor! At first I thought got more student but just 17 student and 4 teachers, 1 tourist and 1 driver LOL. How ever, we are here for 3 days 2 nights! Gonna leave my baobei for 3 days~~~

The first night was not a good wan, we slept around 11:30pm, sharing bed somemore! I was the one who sleep first LOL. Student are having training until 11++pm even though they have to wake tomorrow 5:30am!? We went to UTP, the EJR stands for Eduspec Junior Robothon to have our National Competition.

Escape Plan at KLPF

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 in
Hii, just back from Haji Holiday and realize that I have few post haven't update here. Here start ma 1st blog post about KLPF( Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival) on the 12 Oct 2013 at Mid Valley. We straight went there after my work=D

Celebrating 40years Timberland brand at the Concourse.

Friend fellowship

Tuesday, October 01, 2013 in
Late post, today is the after masquerade event post. I wake up late although I already set my alarm!!lol But still went to church LATE lol. Super paiseh!! After the service end, going for lunch at Thong Yi restaurant. This time is with a bunch of friends that I love them so much~ lalala. At first we thought we got 20 ppl join us for lunch, but is not turns out to be just 10 + of us =D

Is just what we do =D Selca time. With Stephanie , Michelle and me =D

ello, today is 16th of September, is a Malaysia Day, hoorayyy. I think many people is happy because is a HOLIDAY not because is Malaysia Birthday. LOL, okay, the day before means the Sunday Night, I am having slight flu, cough and 热气 T___T I am having nap before I sleep on the night,so basically I sleep around 11:40pm →.→My bii is worry for me and ask me rest more until tomorrow morning, we even look for med that I can eat. Got too many med put together without stated which med is for which sickness, so we even go through wikipedia LOL. Anyway just eat one med for flu only and head back to sleep. Have to say sayonara with my love one too ~~

Okay, back to topic, =P Since today is holiday, I sleep until 8:30am, still consider early right? LOL No choice already, normally working wake up time. We decided to go Mid Valley since I really want to go Bangsar. Not really been to Bangsar area, I knew that there are many good and nice food around that area.

hOLA, its weekend now. Sunday - another serving Sunday for me =D Wearing black today with peplum top, Jess is back to our church!! So happy to see her back, she is having work event at KLCC today. She is asking us to go there to see her event, Is Harley Davidson 110th there are at KLCC now for their stop. Since we got nothing to do, so we decided to join Jess event =D

#1 Our selca during lunch =D

hello peeps, back to food post again. Because Now I have my boyfie fetch me after my work =D Super happy also because beside morning I can see him, after work also can~ So usually we head straight for dinner just near our house =P 

I think mostly the gang to Ipoh having ipoh symptoms such as: Miss Ipoh, Miss Uno, Miss foods, Miss there de kaya puff, miss everything about it LOL. Me ne, just feel very tired and not enough rest although have many sleep = = hahas

26th August 2013 First is Dessert Time from TONG PAK FU

With food post again, but this time is different having this food with my lovely friend, Pamela. My darling is having a wedding job at Sekinchan. =D Pamela is so nice to fetch me after work at Damansara and we headed to Paradigm Mall for our lunch and shopping spree.

Usually you guys know that, Everyday that has to be a question to ask, WHAT TO EAT? This is a common question that everyone will be asking, no matter with friends or family ~ But same as Pamela, we are both fan for Korean Food and Japanese food~ So as we still figure what to eat, and we decided to go for Japan food, sushiii xD Because either of us wanted to have noodle or rice that have many carbo ~

Here we are at Watami, Japanese Casual Restaurant. I just went this restaurant for the second time =D If not really notice I would thought that is the first time I been here lol, is in 1 Utama.

SWIPE Ant World

Monday, August 26, 2013 in
Hi peeps, Actually wanted to have this post after I am having this SWIPE class =D Our Swipeland is on the 13th and 14th of August during school holidays. This is my first time teach Swipe at my own school. I teaches at other school because My school don't have swipe but we decided to open a 8 hour class for STD 1, 2 and 3. The title will be SWIPE Ant World.

But because most of them didn't know swipe before, so we have a small introduce for the students. Picture below is the small box of LEGO parts for building. This Lego sets is different then usual Lego box you buy from shopping centre. Because Swipe Box contains CPU, wires, tyre, and sensors etc.

Besides that, we must teach student to keep all these lego parts nicely back into the box~

Its weekend time, having fellowship with my church friend again. Today I'm having some time to choose what to wear, wanted to wear my blue Adidas Sneaker. But going to church I think wearing short pants is not very appropriate and finally I didn't wear my sneakers T_T Maybe will wear it to Ipoh trip this week =D

So this week we are having lunch at Shiawase Bento located at Prima Setapak. Its been our dating place before but we got quite some time didn't went there already. But Allecia mention that place and saying the bento there was nice =D So we decided to went there for our lunch~

Picha with my dear Michelle, she say I Fat Hao look xD

Here to post about my weekend =D Today is HOLIDAY~ Although I still need to apply My anual leave == LOL. Since today is holiday we both decide to go PAK THOR at Midvalley xD
I got my purple pinafore from Novela yesterday, I was so thrilled and decided to wear it~ =目 Because Purple is my top favorite color. Seriously I got purple contact lens that I haven't open yet, pastel purple purse, pinafore and heels =D No kidding~

White tops from Supermodel Wardrobe =D
Pastel Purple Pinafore from Novela
Please support because I super love Novela model, so pretty  =目

Raya Mood in KL

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 in
Hello guys, having this raya theme for this week =D I actually borrow this kebaya from my third aunt all the way from Tangkak. So I'm wearing it for this week serving. There is this 2 pretty ladys wearing too.So it is our selca time =D

Although we are Christian but I think wearing Malay outfit is acceptable =D 

Hi peeeps, back from Raya Holiday =D How you guys spend your Raya Holiday ya? I just back from Hometown and start to work. ~.~ Although my darling is not with me during this Raya Holiday, but I got plenty of time with my family and relatives. I still miss him a lot =(

A photo with my darling boy, just one selca before he left T___T

August 1st Weekend

Monday, August 05, 2013 in
After the LYM Night, its Sunday again~ not serving this week =D Today is a combine service that me and my boy totally forgotten and we reach early xD

One thing I mostly do in my baby car is MAKE UP~ Oh my, who does that ya~? I wonder xD Because am a lazy girl to make up at home and since we are earlier and I decided to make up at car~

Can you see which part of my eye been make up?
Ans: White eye liner on the under lid of my eye =D

LYM Night

Sunday, August 04, 2013 in
bello peeps, After a year I still joining in this event but as a different role I played xD. This time I will be teaching and guiding them through the dance only ~lol.

Am joining the dancing last year, but this year 退休 already =D This year the event start early and I am quite a busy working people ~@@ So we just have 10 times of practice I guess and we are off to perform ~.~ Macam yes horr!!

LYM stands for Lutheran Youth Mission Night, My church is one of the Lutheran Church so we are joing this missionary night =D Every country have their own missionary. This year they will be more emphasis on the missionary work of other country =D

My near selca shot =D