SWIPE Ant World

Hi peeps, Actually wanted to have this post after I am having this SWIPE class =D Our Swipeland is on the 13th and 14th of August during school holidays. This is my first time teach Swipe at my own school. I teaches at other school because My school don't have swipe but we decided to open a 8 hour class for STD 1, 2 and 3. The title will be SWIPE Ant World.

But because most of them didn't know swipe before, so we have a small introduce for the students. Picture below is the small box of LEGO parts for building. This Lego sets is different then usual Lego box you buy from shopping centre. Because Swipe Box contains CPU, wires, tyre, and sensors etc.

Besides that, we must teach student to keep all these lego parts nicely back into the box~

Is our first time organised, got 34 students participated, my room was full with students lol.

Each group 2 students teamwork together ^-^

The first day class is just a warm up for them. Decided to let them free build MINIONS~ I found it student are all excited , although some won't want to teamwork with their partner. But when the fun and play part come, they will like be crazy playing around~

So this are the minions that all the students do, so cute and nice!! =D Of cause, I do let them see some sample from other school. But for the first attempt it was very GOOD~

One eye minions~

Two eye minion~

Combine together become minions ~~

Tall minions~

Some of the students ask me, Teacher, Can I do 2-D version? I say sure can~ And the outcome is still very nice =D

Fatty minions~

After the building, they will have the chance to swipe card and move the minions~ After all the fun and playing, is time to announce result and photo time~

Kitty ANT =D

MINIONS ANT ~ Two little cutie~













Their names are so creative, but mostly love to use words that are related to Despicable me xD

Continue with Day 2, didn't free build already time to have class. Love this cute boy, haha, he even give me snacks in the first day of the class, am not even his computer teacher. xD

Day two class, is back to the topic Ant world, we will meet Anthony and his friends. I let them do Anthony small ant move by the tires, the photo above is the Antique, Queen Ant.

With the white board, is Super Queen Ant. I got let them do some of the mission on the map.

Photo again, after the mission =D #1




#5 Peace together~~

#6 Two cool and handsome boy pose~

#7 So cute group~


#9 two leng luiss~

#10 The always not look into camera group = = haha

#11 3 preety and cute girls~ oh lala

#12 The not SO teamwork group~ ^6^

#13 The most naughty group =D


Our Second runner up of these two days SWIPE. Sorry my eyes close ( student take photo)

First runner up =D

The champion~

Although just the three groups who get prizes, but the remaining students get a small prize too!! Not forget I even give them snack for party time~ haha


Having a great experience in teaching swipe and having a lots of fun~ 

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