hello peeps, back to food post again. Because Now I have my boyfie fetch me after my work =D Super happy also because beside morning I can see him, after work also can~ So usually we head straight for dinner just near our house =P 

I think mostly the gang to Ipoh having ipoh symptoms such as: Miss Ipoh, Miss Uno, Miss foods, Miss there de kaya puff, miss everything about it LOL. Me ne, just feel very tired and not enough rest although have many sleep = = hahas

26th August 2013 First is Dessert Time from TONG PAK FU

#Durian flavour~ No doubt Durian is my all time favorite and their durian flavour never fail me each time I ate =D Super Durian taste !! 


126-G-3A, Metro Genting Klang, 
No. 126, Jalan Genting klang, 
53300 Kuala Lumpur.

This is from TONG PAK FU too!! Has anyone try it before?

I think #CheeCheongFun is just like Kuey Teow right~~ My like noodle too, and with curry taste is super match. What I love is the 虾米 they put with it~~ hahaha I think is the Hong Kong Style of Chee Cheong Fun already =D

Not forget our sweet sweet photo =D


5th Sept 2013 #Toufu time!! This is snack from THONG YI RESTAURANT =D

Me and Darling love toufu too! This is Toufu with crab meat, taste special with the sauce too!!

The special sauce =D

I love this soup too!! With corn, so the soup taste like super 香甜 with the corn too =D

Details of this place:

MALAYSIA, 53300 Setapak, Malaysia

03-4131 4258

Me and darling~

my Peace hand xD

6th Sept 2013 Now is western style, having dinner at The Manhattan Fish Market

The soup of the day, Not really know the soup name, taste tomato and herbs, darling super love.
As you all can see, usually when we have our meal we will usually order soup =D Because we are both soup LOVER =D

#DoryFish and Chips =D I am just craving for chips and fish for my darling =D

Actually we say promotion for this order, there are RM29.90 per set come with bottomless soup and frizzie!! 

This dish comes with scallop, skewers, and oyster too!! Seafood set that are super NAISSE~ Actually wanted to order my favorite prawn but lazy to eat only~~ Gonna have movie later~~ 

Their oyster is super NAISE!! I like how seafood actually cook with cheese that make the seafood taste nice and without the fishy smell too~~ slurpp

Just got three for us =D

Details of this place:

No G19 & G20, Wangsa Walk Mall,
Jalan Wangsa Perdana 1,
Wangsa Avenue, 53300,
Kuala Lumpur

Tel/ Fax : +603-4144 2559

8th Sept 2013 Having Thai Cuisine on this relaxing Sunday =D

We just wanted to have Thai Food on this day, I actually wanted to try Thai Food together with my darling but My darling can't have too Spicy food~ LOL Gastric ma >-< 

You can see their menu on the table already, these are all their famous Thai food, love the food and the color of the food looks so yummy too~

Woah, What a Quote =D

Design of Art~

Especially aim for the TITLE =D

Our drink of the day, Lemon Grass Iced tea =D Super naise and sweet lemongrass taste~~

I just notice a big POT of plant, bii say it's a real pandan leave LOL hahaha

We order one Vege, Kai Lan with Salted fish Rm14.90

Bii say a bit expensive and taste normal la, vege ma xD haha

Creamy coconut Chicken Soup, hmm when it come I like, does it taste good!? LOL haha
The taste are SUPERB, coconut creamy taste , spicy and salty taste mixed up together, my bii super love it =D Not forget the chicken was so soft and nice to eat =D 

The main dish I specially wanted to try!! I just love Green Curry soo soo much! haha When I saw this was my first dish of the choice =D RM16.90 It was super nice and spicy, thumbs up for those who love green curry much!!

Our dish of the day =D

We have order one dessert too bii say must try because is a Thai famous dessert =D
Waterchestnut in coconut milk with jackfruits ~ RM7.90 A bit too sweet, but overall taste nice too~ A fresh kind of taste of a dessert =D

Looks like they have some discount for some user too!! =D

I am having dinner at Times Square!!


LG 72, Lower Ground Floor,  
No 1 Jalan Imbi, Berjaya Times Square, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur. 


us =D

Laying on bii big hug =D

bii photo BOOM me xD

Bii say will be trying their 1 set per person, lol. I will be love to try their Prawn sizzling and their tom yam soup~ YUMMY!!
After I finish all these post, just realise that I been eating different various of food from Hong Kong, China, Western and Thailand too! Guess is the privilege of us as Malaysian that we can try different kind of food that are super DELICIOUS~

My next food destination would be ITALIAN FOOD xD

Happy and grateful that My bii back to fetching me =D Hope he can strike for good result at WORK!! May God bless my darling abundantly =D Because he has to work hard bring me go eat nice food !! (jk jk)



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