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Penang Trip Day 1 @ Street Art and Gurney Drive

My second post of Penang trip. More and more photo since this post will be until night! hahas. The weather on its day is kinda windy and raining also. So the sun is not bright and shine though. I always wanted to come Penang Art street I kinda act too happy when I visit here. As you guys know that we come here in group and it Sunday the day we visit here. There are a lot of tourist visit here as well and if you want to take photo with the Street art, probably have to line up and wait for your turn! 

#1 Canon street har..sound interesting~ haha

#2 Chinese Antique door

#3 First street art.

#4 Is not a wall painting ya~!


#6 Another one

#7 I act until so weird! hehe

#8 Old blanket that I still using it until now! My granma sew it for me!

#9 Lion Dance. 

#10 Saw this funny quote here in Hokkien ya. haha 

#11 My gang~

#12 The famous bicycle painting that I super like!!

#13 Too many people liao, have to take photo together.

#14 Big Cat drawing, did I tell you that I love Cats a lot! haha

#15 Me with the Big cat!

#16 Where there is Cat sure there is RAT! haha

#17 Faster run~~

#18 Small Kitten inside the valley.

#19 Act cute kitty with Winny.

#20 The temple outside drawing.

#21 The old old wall in the valley.

#22 Boy sit on the Motorbike.


#24 The old painting that is nearly gone.


#26 I saw Lee Xiao Long, from the tourist guide he say this painting is to sent awareness of do not bully cat and animal.



#29 Is it not a drawing but a sticker ya.

#30 Kitten

#31 转角遇到贼

#32 Water hose become elephant nose.

#33 Minions! Always my favorite~ Bee doo bee doo


#35 I keep wanted to find this stool of MINIONS!! hahaha

#36 Just too cute~~

#37 Minion magnet, I got some for myself too!


For more info about visiting Penang Street Art, perhaps you can start from looking a cheap and nice place to stay!

Street Art Homestay Penang

Address: Lorong Lumut, Georgetown, 10200 Georgetown, Penang
Phone:04-262 1080
Open 24 hours

#39 We check in Hotel around 5pm and we were so exhausted. 

#40 We did go for a walk on the beach.


#42 Motoboat



#44 Fish in the pond.

#45 Our dinner start at 7:30pm. Buffet Dinner style and we separate into group for tomorrow team building, guess what I am in Group Ninja turtle! haha

#46 This parrot is making so many sound~ haha

Where we stay?

Jalan Tanjung Bungah
11200 Tanjung Bungah, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +604-8927 111
Fax: +604-8904 777

#47 During the night, there are two destination for us to go. 1 is to Feringgi Night Market or Gurney drive. That time was late around 10:30pm and we pass through this big Starbucks cafe with drive through some more! haha


#49 Reach our destination.

#50 Famous Char Koay Teow with duck egg!!

#51 On the newspaper before ler~~

#52 There many food stall to choose what to eat, if you wan to know which stall serve the best find for the queue~ haha


#54 The Char Koay Teow with duck egg. Smells good and taste good! Rm5.50

#55 Like this too! Comes with chicken floss, tuna and peanuts~ Variety choice and taste!

#56 Fried fish skin and squid! So crispy and delicious~ yummy~~

#57 What is left. haha

#58 This rojak is super tasty!!

#59 All spicy and hot food xD haha

#60 鱿鱼片~


#62 People queuing for the rojak!!


#64 Horoscope clay!! so cute!!

#65 How about 生肖 with animal? Cuter than ever! haha


#67 Do you know what is made from?

#68 By beans~~ so cute de beanie~~



#71 See someone you all may recognise? haha


#73 Looks real?

#74 Is a drawing!!

#75 I nearly bought it but I really think is quite expensive. =P hahas Rm50 per bag~

After eating the foods, we did some shopping by the stall beside. I remember I do take photos, just wonder where it gone. haha. Buy some accessories that I like as usual! haha We left Gurney drive around 11pm and reach hotel by 11:15am. Very tired and straight sleep when I reach my hotel bed! haha


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