ello, today is 16th of September, is a Malaysia Day, hoorayyy. I think many people is happy because is a HOLIDAY not because is Malaysia Birthday. LOL, okay, the day before means the Sunday Night, I am having slight flu, cough and 热气 T___T I am having nap before I sleep on the night,so basically I sleep around 11:40pm →.→My bii is worry for me and ask me rest more until tomorrow morning, we even look for med that I can eat. Got too many med put together without stated which med is for which sickness, so we even go through wikipedia LOL. Anyway just eat one med for flu only and head back to sleep. Have to say sayonara with my love one too ~~

Okay, back to topic, =P Since today is holiday, I sleep until 8:30am, still consider early right? LOL No choice already, normally working wake up time. We decided to go Mid Valley since I really want to go Bangsar. Not really been to Bangsar area, I knew that there are many good and nice food around that area.

Selca in the car, since there is plenty of time, I wear lens today and make up =D

See my eyeliner? This time I have my unusual make up of the day~ The up eyelid liner draw and connect to the lower eyelid xD Bii say I look FAB and the make up make me looks more pretty!!

Reach Midvalley, trying a MINNIE sweater inside BERSHKA =D Selca with my half body look, love my pose ler xD


White Cardigan from Cotton On
Flowerish Dress from Supermodel Wardrobe
Dots Jacquard Cream Tights from ROMWE
White Sneakers from Cajoyness 

Selca without the cardigan =D

Looks nicer?

Withour fringe, actually I do draw the brow too!! But seems like not so clear ~

Snack in Dubu-Dubu because baby boy is HUNGRY~~ rawwww ( teehee)

Having this dessert, CITRON DUBU. I guess with the shop name on, should be their signature? 
The taste like toufu fa, but it mixed well with the citron and honey. So sweet oh my gawd!!

I am smiling too much with my teeth grrrrrr 

Act cute pose LAR!

See my cute little face beside bii hand!! LOL

We have Garlic sauce Beef~ YEAH BEEF BULGOGI~~

We share ya~

Interiors basically with Japan colorful signboard on their wall, and they have 2 BIG TV too with the KPOP star performance.

The another wan is just above us~

Not forget, they even teach us how to enjoy your bibimbap(gonna try next time)


You can find this restaurant at Mid Valley, One Utama, Berjaya Times Square, Centro Mall ; Sunway Pyramid too!!

Mid Valley
LG-048, Lower Ground Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall ,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel / Fax: 03-2287898

My OOTD pose LOL.I find out that I usually love Forever 21 at Midvalley~This is second time I having my ootd shoot =P

With darling~

Today shopping outcome is, Bii casual shoes , two pairs~ One pair of bii jeans and My brother stuff. I even went in to MV Cotton On, They have like whole wall of bras there. I was like waaaaaa, the brass are so pretty LOL.So I decided to bought some of them home xD We shop until 7pm decided to head off to Bangsar for dinner!

We are here at our dinner place.

Chapters Bar & Grill @ Bangsar,
5, Jalan Tandok, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2202-2166
Chapter One Bar & Bistro @ Hartamas,
70, Jalan 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6211-7484

although is fake, but looks quite real for me =D

The Bar.

Friends of Chapter.

Beer do helps a lot HUH!?

When I edit the photo feel so creepy by seeing it LOL.

Motorbikes, just beside this restaurant there is a motorbike shop sellings motorbike parts and cloths too. I think when I first saw this kind of bike, i will say this is MAT REMPIT bike super LOL right. But I think other country version is better than Malaysian version  =P

A small pool.

Wall Design

Washroom door. Cowboy style xD

Dart Board~

Outside seat

The shop beside =D

There even has a place for bike washing =D

Bii thinks that this was so CUTE!!

Our drinks of the day, white wine and home made Ice lemon Tea.

With the white wine, I guess we didn't leave a chance go if we saw the white wine come in RM15++ xD


We have PIZZA!! Come with Thin Crust, Spicy Chicken and Beef Pepperoni. Is so original and taste cheesey, the red pepper makes this pizza looks APPETIZING!!

Guess what is this!! A bun? bread? Rock? Pau? Dough? LOL

ta dang is mushroom soup~~ Not missed every time I eat western food =P The taste was not bad, just too much pepper putting, I wan more mushroom taste LA! Taste great with the bread too!!Cripsy ma~~

With the bread, nomnom

Soup, bread cover and ME!!

After dinner, we decided to play the dart board =D

I throw until the green wan, is so near to middle RED !! OH MY~~ So happy because when I keep throw the darts will phewwww and move up and down only reach the dart board ==

This is bii result, too bad, but he throw the darts quite accurate right =P

Seriously? haha

Having a wonderful day out with my darling =D Bii tell me that he choose to bring me to Chapters because of the event we went the day before, Asia Harleys Day. The motorbike theme lol, super cute right!? Although I thought he will bring me to a very nice cafe, I think Chapters is a nice place too . The food is enjoyable and the environment is good. Plus the owner of the cafe was very nice, forget to say that the whole Cafe just me and my bii have the whole cafe to seat already lol xD But bii promise he'll bring me to Bangsar area hunting for good food again!!



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