Its weekend time, having fellowship with my church friend again. Today I'm having some time to choose what to wear, wanted to wear my blue Adidas Sneaker. But going to church I think wearing short pants is not very appropriate and finally I didn't wear my sneakers T_T Maybe will wear it to Ipoh trip this week =D

So this week we are having lunch at Shiawase Bento located at Prima Setapak. Its been our dating place before but we got quite some time didn't went there already. But Allecia mention that place and saying the bento there was nice =D So we decided to went there for our lunch~

Picha with my dear Michelle, she say I Fat Hao look xD

The girls of the day, With Allecia ~

Our group photo =D Bii say he is the most DAI JEK wan~

Bii order this fried green pepper, At first he is not satisfied with the taste, want the waiter go cook again. xD My bii super love the taste of the green pepper, and this was his favorite vegetable too~

My side dish, smash potato, was so tasty with vege and the sauce was niceee~

Allecia Pork Mayo bento, although looks soo Mayo but the taste is GREAT~ =D

Mine bento, grilled Salmon, my favorite~

Because All our order is above RM30 so we are entitled to choose either 3 dishes, Salmon Head, Salmon belly and ..... with 50% discount. So we choose Salmon belly, and taste so nice. Cook until just nice =D


50% Discount on
1) Sake Fish Head 
2) Sake Belly 
3) Sake Onigiri
for every purchase of RM30 in Shiawase Bento.

* While Stock Last.

After lunch, have meeting again. But me and my boii decided to watch MOVIE~ ELYSIUM~~ At Pavilion because I want to go Farenheit 88 too~

Here a trailer of this movie, bii say looks okok only. But then we did online and buy movie tickets using Bii tab =D LOL 

The conclusion is, Bii say this movie is a very nice and meaningful story. He never regret to watch =D haha

The story starts like this

In 2154, two classes of people exist: the very wealthy, who live on a luxurious space station called Elysium, and the poor, who live on an overpopulated, devastated Earth. While residents on Earth are policed by ruthless androids, Elysian citizens live in comfort and safety, surrounded by robotic servants. They regularly use man-sized medical devices in their homes that keep them free from disease (so called Med-Pods).

I found it at Wiki and the plot was terrifying long~ Basically the plot of the movie always start with earth are turning bad and some remaining live at earth the rich wan stay at a luxury place at SPACE. TROLOLOL The story will start with this and either with sad or happy ending.

Oh ya, there are some parts are a bit disgusting that I don't dare to watch >-<

Oh ya, haven't tell you guys my outfit today.
I'm wearing Chiffon Mint top from Hang over
Its actually like a crop top, do you see my belly~ haha
The first photo I show my shoulder out, bii say its sexy xD
I wear this top with a high waist medium length white pants =D

At last, a couple shot of us =D OMG~ My hair is a mess!!!

Anyway,bought a rainbow pastel dress at Farenheit 88 =D That I always saw online and always wanted to buy. Finally got it, bii say can go our next shooting theme with that Dress =D



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