Here to post about my weekend =D Today is HOLIDAY~ Although I still need to apply My anual leave == LOL. Since today is holiday we both decide to go PAK THOR at Midvalley xD
I got my purple pinafore from Novela yesterday, I was so thrilled and decided to wear it~ =目 Because Purple is my top favorite color. Seriously I got purple contact lens that I haven't open yet, pastel purple purse, pinafore and heels =D No kidding~

White tops from Supermodel Wardrobe =D
Pastel Purple Pinafore from Novela
Please support because I super love Novela model, so pretty  =目

Busy selca in the car while on the way to Mid Valley.


After reaching Mid Valley, we decided to head for our lunch. I think searching for a nice and good restaurant is a difficult part during dating == haha. Because I misses the Japan Restaurant we first know each other, so we went to the restaurant to have our lunchie ~

Love this shot =D #5

The restaurant is Waku waku =D Is a CONTEMPORARY JAPANES DINING =D This time they collaborated with Royal host, curry specialist xD I love Japanese curry too, but is my first time to really taste Japan curry~

Interior design, we sit the most corner place =D #6

The top is wooden but empty roof xD #7

Their design is special design with wooden stick only #8

Beside My Japan Curry Dish, I decided to try their Salmon, my all time favorite =目 With butter and mayonnaise sauce~

Tomato beef is their signature dish that my biii love it so much~ hahaha

My Japanese Seafood Curry, Japanese curry is not SPICY at all. But it smell nice with herb and curry =D The seafood they prepare was so juicy and fresh, yummy~ The toppings for the rice is 炸葱,raisins and egg yolk( if not mistaken) The combination was very NAISE~


Lot T - 015B, Level 3, 
Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2284 1172
Fax: +603 2282 0139

More info about this dining, feel free to click their websites Waku Waku

#13 After lunch, continue with our selca.

Super love this pose, super random xD #14

#GIF of the day =D

After lunch, we went to watch UNBEATABLE 激战.
This a MUST watch movie for this week ~ haha
Will gonna blog about the review too!!

After the movie, we went shopping~~

My whole body look, bii say today style is Purple Princess =D #15

Shoes from Top Town Shop


My own Selca #16

OMG, we having Japanese Ramen this time =D Bii Five Star Specialty Ramen~ haha

Mine spicy ramen~ Taste so so only, because the noodle too soft feel like eating flour that are cooked ~ Or maybe I just not used to it~ haha

Inside is shrimp~ This was nice~ The taste combination with the outer skin and inside was GOOD~

Last selca before we left =D #20

Here is where we eat our dinner =P

Lot S025 & Lot S026, Level 2,
Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.

(03-2282 3924)


A lot of fun and sweet memory when we are together, thanks for everything you bring into my life =D You make me feel beautiful when ever I be with you. Thanks for your concern and understanding to the ways I act. Can't wait for tomorrow because tomorrow will be our another month anniversary. =D


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