With food post again, but this time is different having this food with my lovely friend, Pamela. My darling is having a wedding job at Sekinchan. =D Pamela is so nice to fetch me after work at Damansara and we headed to Paradigm Mall for our lunch and shopping spree.

Usually you guys know that, Everyday that has to be a question to ask, WHAT TO EAT? This is a common question that everyone will be asking, no matter with friends or family ~ But same as Pamela, we are both fan for Korean Food and Japanese food~ So as we still figure what to eat, and we decided to go for Japan food, sushiii xD Because either of us wanted to have noodle or rice that have many carbo ~

Here we are at Watami, Japanese Casual Restaurant. I just went this restaurant for the second time =D If not really notice I would thought that is the first time I been here lol, is in 1 Utama.


#3 Menu


#5 All the food in the menu look so delicious xD


#6 So I been requested to sign up FREE for their members card =D 

#7 This is the member card privilege Free "sushi of the day" when you show us your Pinch of Salt Card~

#8 Pamela dearr

#9 It's Me!!

#10 Interior design

#11 Place near our seat =D

#12 Plate and Chopstick

#13 First we have our salmon sashimi with tuna too! OMG, the taste of salmon just melted in my mouth =D The sauce of tuna and salmon brings out different taste of this sashimi =D super JENG~~ 

#14 The sushi of the day! Not sure what sushi is that, taste like sotong xD

#15 Gouka Irodori Sushi Moriawase RM20.90 We got Salmon, Scallop and Shrimp Sushi~ I love shrimp a lot, and this sushi the shrimp is so fresh, eat until very satisfied lol~~haha


#16 Salmon sushi

#17 Scallop Sushi


#19 Not forget, I order their Cawamushi to try too! Pamela say its not bad ~

#20 Ebi Ten roll Sushi RM11.90

#21 A close look of the roll, I not really like the taste I don't know the herb taste comes from where~ So I just have 2 pieces of this ~

#22 The shrimp on the sushi was super big LOL!! I see also very happy already xD Mostly when you eat at other restaurant was like so small >0<

We are cutting all the carbo down, so no bento or noodles for us. So mainly we are eating the sushi only~ But it was still full enough for us =D After lunch, we start our shopping, at first I really didn't think of buying anything. But as a girls you know, and I admit I am a truly aggressive buyer, soon I have buy some cloths and accessories. LOL

#22 Found this Tee at Uniqlo, I first saw was like OMG is was so cute, my favourite cartoon ma!! 

#23 Hope you guys won't mind, is actually is for KIDS, omg but I just can't think of any other. I just buy it anyway =P I got myself slight bigger size lol~ When I try its actually suits me =P

#23 We went to HnM, Uniqlo and Cotton On and decided to rest at Starbucks xD Have my favorite drinks,  Green Tea Frap with Chocolate Chip.

#24 Selca

#25 After our tea break for 1 hour, we continue our shopping at Brands Outlet and Padini. I found that DENIM is kinda a hot Item now. So me and Pamela grab some denim tops to try and here's the outcome on me =D I actually quite lovey this top but don't want to buy to many cloths~~~~ 


#27 I found that this denim denim dress was so NAISE~~~ Love how washout denim wear on me =D cheerss~ hahaha

Way back home #28, Its raining and jam everywhere. Its not like the car won't move just a bit slow. We have our light dinner at Tong pak fu lol.

Have a very enjoyable time with my precious friend , Pamela. Its hard to have time to spend with your close friend because as we grow older, all of your friends have their own way to go. So its hard to find time for each other, yet when we gather we cherish the time we spent together. Hope to have some good and intimate moments with my friends again.=D



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