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hey peeps, its my blogging time again!! Today I will blog about my Tohor trip at Perak on the 17th November - 19th November. Why I am here!? As I mention before I went here half of it is because working trip and relax trip. But I think more on working than relax la! Babysitting wor! At first I thought got more student but just 17 student and 4 teachers, 1 tourist and 1 driver LOL. How ever, we are here for 3 days 2 nights! Gonna leave my baobei for 3 days~~~

The first night was not a good wan, we slept around 11:30pm, sharing bed somemore! I was the one who sleep first LOL. Student are having training until 11++pm even though they have to wake tomorrow 5:30am!? We went to UTP, the EJR stands for Eduspec Junior Robothon to have our National Competition.

The hall design is so GRAND!! The lighting are very nice de, but can't see clearly from the photo I took from my Note III.

Same as last time, just contestant are able to go in the hall. Parents and teachers are above the hall. Forget to mention, mostly my student came in last minute and that was quite pek cek feel LOL. I also gan jeong why aren't here yet when the registration time close at 8am!!

Saw my student? The one who kneel down on floor de xD troll Do you guys notice that the table is just too small? LOL And because it is a plastic table and the student can move and knock it easily.

On screen!! YEAH~~

The competition take place around 4 hours + until 12:30pm. Okay, mostly are briefing and competition time lar! Don't think Robotics Competition very easy wan, but need a lot of professional take part. Of cause there is some part need a lot of waiting lol.

My upper level group.

After the competition, all the contestant are required to put their sets and laptop to a seminar rooms. There was pack and full with student and super luan shui == After that, they are having lunch at another area! All my school parents are here too, they sit super close with me because I only focused on my upper group =P

Lower level group. 

The lunch part is super kek sui, because it seem likes some of the school student went out to eat. Me and other 2 teachers keep asking for lunch, because the student went out for lunch and the remaining food we are going to take. But the service is so slow and messy, we gave up and ask tabao only LAR!!

My upper level group.

After lunch, everyone is required to back into the hall for prize ceremony!! So my student are sitting patiently at their sit. 

Because when their group is being call put to line up, we are gonna be sure they are going up the stage! CONGRATULATION them award as 优秀奖 EXCELLENCE in EJR National 2013

Happy photo~

This group was too cute, they thought they didn't gonna receive any award but they do!
CONGRATULATIONS them as 特优奖 DISTINCTION in EJR National 2013.


My upper level group too!
CONGRATULATIONS them award as 特优奖 DISTINCTION in EJR National 2013.

smile until kek kek == haha

Finally the CHAMPION of the day. I actually can't believe that their group did get Champion on this EJR National 2013 LOL. Because they are the most NOISIEST and NAUGHTY among the 4 group from our school. We teachers always scold and scold them nearly each time the training LOL. But its seem like our scolding didn't wasted and they did well in today competition. I also feel that they are so lucky and Stanley is super clever and good in programming..phew**

Group photo!!

Our CHAMPION trophy~

The trip student I am taking care of xD

This 3 is the awkward wan xD

Celebration dinner here!!


We are sleeping at A Five Star Rest House at Ipoh. The house and bed are just too comfortable for us but we still have to wake up 6:30am in the morning to head for Hotspring at Sungkai! A high recommended for people who interested to holiday at ipoh!!

After breakfast near Ipoh, we start our journey to Sungkai, Hot springs. Here we are, was a quite big place!

Many activities as well!

Happily sit in the tram.

We are inside! This is more to a warm pool.

Students is having fun lol~

After 30 minutes on the warm pool, we are here to a waterpark pool. haha, and the students was overjoy when they saw this pool. 

Me and other teacher decided to went to hotspring to soak out feet. xD

This hot spring is the level 3 hot spring 40 - 42 degree.

The house hot spring is the level 1 hot spring just 30-35 degree. The 2nd level hot spring is from 35 - 40 degree. for the first time comer, is encourage you soak your feet start from the first level of the hot spring =D

It's no joke!!

This is the most hottest spot of the hotspring. 100 DEGREE!!!

You can even cook an EGG!!! 

My pale look xD

After cook for 6-7 minutes, students are enjoying the egg cooked by the hot spring water.

The tourist told us that, the egg cooked by the hot spring actually can cooked until the egg without cholesterol. LOL 

Ticket is rm8 per Adult/ Children 

Weekends, Public Holiday and School Holidays 7:30am-10:00pm

Tickets Sales start from 7:30am - 8:00am

Anyway I did try the egg, its actually taste different and the egg yolk is incredible YELLOW!! Miss the taste of the egg, if you are interested to bring your family to here is highly recommended! Don't forget to try bring egg or you can buy egg from the stall beside this 100 degree hot spring!! hahas

I did soak my leg until I keep sleepy and wanted to sleep non-stop. Because after breakfast we travel 1 and 20 minutes here. After hotspring we travelled another 1 and 20 minutes to Tanjung Malim for lunch. After lunch we continue our 1 and 30 minutes journey back to PJ!! So I keep sleep non stop throughout the journey on bus. haha!! Super lan fan =P Its so weird because the students in this trip does not feel tiring at all!! Jeelly their body energy ~.~

Reach home at 5pm, really beh tahan the tiredness after I got home. Straight sleep after unpacking all the stuff!!haha



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