hOLA, its weekend now. Sunday - another serving Sunday for me =D Wearing black today with peplum top, Jess is back to our church!! So happy to see her back, she is having work event at KLCC today. She is asking us to go there to see her event, Is Harley Davidson 110th there are at KLCC now for their stop. Since we got nothing to do, so we decided to join Jess event =D

#1 Our selca during lunch =D

I actually back home change my cloths.
Tops: Stylenanda New York Tee from 360 Degree
Bottoms: Daisy SHORT from 360 Degree
Shoes: High Dunk white Sneakers from Cajoyness

#3 We reached KLCC, there are a lots of people so call mountain people mountain sea xD There are performance too on the stage and the fountain also!!

#4 Stage photo =D

#5 Saw this SUPER tall guy xD

#6 Here's the Harley's bike time =D Super RED HOT yeah~

#7 As you can see, there a lot of people taking photos around all the coolest bike ya~

#8 Group Photo ~

#9 Here's another part that you can ride a bike on the spot, I think for photoshooting LAR xD

#10 The event name~

#11 Whats all the people standing there for?

#12 Another YENG motorbike inside xD

#13 The girls photo =D

#14 Smile!!


#16 Taking photo time xD At first the guys are leaving but I just reached! That's no way I be leaving without all these bike's PHOTOss!! haha. So My darling accompany and the girls we are walking back to the tent to  have more photos!!


#18 And no doubt, you think so easily to take photo with the bike? NO!!! Thee are a lot of people waiting and staring at you while you posing with the BIKE, that is super awkward LOL!!

#19 With Michelle dearie~

#20 The motorbike =D


#22 The seat of this motorbike is super big and comfortable too!!

#23 Can I ride on it!? haha. Michelle keep say that I look like real motorbike model like dat xD

#24 Allison~

#25 There area lot of RED motorbike I guess~ hehe



#27 Purposely want to stand middle de xD Two yeng motorbike beside me, drooolsss~

#28 Quite old and big size bike here~ But the enjin and design still remain perfect and shiny as the new wan =D

#29 The more Hard Rock style I guess!?


#31 No miss a chance to take photographs with motorbikess!!

#32 There is a flash mob happening too!

#33 We are on the right side of the tent, Inside there is some activities you can join, Message stop =D

#34 face painting, the children all line up to do face painting =D

#35 Quick Haircut with style xD

#36 Airbrush tattoo~~ 

#37 Do I have the look that I'm in Pain =P haha, trying this out for fun xD

#38 Know what I going to have!?

#39 My cute bibi is trying too~~ S for SUPERMAN ,for Sharon xD

#40 There is some already made pattern for you to choose, besides that you can have your own design request too.

#41 Bibi BIG hand~

#42 Having a rose pattern on my hand =D love this shot with my bii a lot!! Super sweet~

#43 Girls time again~

#44 Love this shot =D

#45 My OOTD style, is hippie rock style xD

#46 After visited the event, we join Justin and Chew Aun again. We decided to have a rest at TONG PAK FU~ Dessert time =D

#47 Durian again!! Myy biii craving for it~~

#48 Mango for me =D

#49 Mango Milk for Chew Aun

#50 Horlick for Michelle and Allecia~

#51 Coffee for Justin~ LOL

#52 At uniqlo, Justin is looking for more Pants~

#53 Allecia, me and Michelle!!

#54 Michelle say she got 瓜子脸, Very thin she like xD

#55 Posing for!? Hearing Handphones!!

#56 We are at the Harrods Cafe, a big cute BEAR!!! Kisses from two pretty girls =D


#58 Harrods Cafe

#59 Photo Booming again~ We are back to Outside because since its near to 5pm, we decided to see Jess fashion show!

#60 My bao bei~

#61 Selca~

#62 The models. They are all wearing Harley Davidson clothing Located at KLCC, 3rd Floor.

#63 I myslef think that the guys model are hotter and sexier than the lady =D LOL

















#80 My sneakers~

#81 having dinner near Tawakal Hospital, Super crispy Squid!! My darling is taste so nice and crunchy too~ Must eat when it still hot =D


#83 福建面~

For more info about the Asia Harley Days event:

Having a wonderful Asia Harley Days at KLCC, there are a motor tour too at Kl Town. Not going to join them though since start early. Have to sleep gao gao since tomorrow is HOLIDAY - Malaysia's Day. Another day of fellowship with me fellow friends =D I super love my outfit of the day.A bit tired after whole day being outside =D



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