Here goes my Penang post, have many things happen in these 3 days 2 night Penang trip. I really enjoy every moment happen as well. This is my first time to Penang although my darling is not with me. But I do hope to go Penang together with him. haha

We start our journey at 6:30am and reach Penang around 12pm lunch and we went over the Penang Bridge to our next destination. The view of the Penang Bridge I didn't took much because on bus and the bridge keep block me to taking photo of the beautiful view of Penang. 

Here one of the photo that I love much! hehe

Sitting with Winny~

Our first destination is here, there is four bus to our company trip and our Coach D & Coach C bus are going here together.

Our ticket to went in. Blue color so nice~ My first time at Pinang Peranakan Mansion. All the Baba and Nyonya stuff you can come and visit. If you are Singaporean you should heard 小娘惹 this drama is kinda famous and they are having the shooting in here as well!



#3 Tiny Nyonya traditional cloths.

#4 Their design is always so precise and many craving pattern on their furniture. It just outside the washroom until I ask can the washroom be used? haha

#5 Kettles

#6 Kitchen

#7 Groceries

#8 Dining Place

#9 Any souvenirs?

#10 There is a small cafe here too!

#11 Coffee Beans


#13 I always love design of wood, because its so relax yet elegant look.


#15 More craving you can see on the door.

#16 Their old token of money.

#17 Their time of high heels.

#18 Happily photo with my girls =D

#19 Can't see, Can't hear and Can't talk.

#20 That time British do bring the new culture to them as well.


#22 Super love it because is so colorful~~

#23 Behind me got 5 different colors of the crystal accessories! So bling and colorful!!



#26 Is not a good day for them as well, because is pack with people that day! haha

#27 Statue


#29 Old television.

#30 Where we find a mirror we just take photo only! hahas



#33 Can't believe until you see how precise their work of craving during their time.

#34 Their marry accessories is so NICE and BLING!!

#35 I think will be very heavy wtf

#36 Wedding mirror.

#37 Mirror!

#38 The girls again xD



#41 With my group ~


#43 Love how I shoot this photo until so got feel~ hahas


#45 Their design make me feel like I am in China. haha

#46 I keep wanted to have a photo of my ownself only.

#47 This was so nice and thanks to my colleague xD

#48 Potrait look~

#49 Not sure what game is this suppose to call.. a card game lol.





#54 With the old old time of camera.


Thank my friend help me take photo, since he is the only guy following us girls around xD

#56 Our group photo =D

For more details about this place:

29, Church Street, 10200 Penang, Malaysia.

telephone:  604-2642929, 
fax: 604-2641929
e-mail 2:

This is just my first stop at Penang xD going to bomb another post out while I visit the street art at Penang. I heard that this place have been haunted by ghost as well after I post some photo up to my facebook, wtf. But I didn't encounter because we are such a huge group so noisy de lol! haha Anyway I kinda scare while I am editing photos wtf haha not all the photos I took I upload to here also. I also bought a small magnet to bring back home! hahas The time is quite tight since the place is quite big! If I have the chance I be here again =D

Stay for more post about my Penang trip! hehes


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