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Tuesday, October 01, 2013 in
Late post, today is the after masquerade event post. I wake up late although I already set my alarm!!lol But still went to church LATE lol. Super paiseh!! After the service end, going for lunch at Thong Yi restaurant. This time is with a bunch of friends that I love them so much~ lalala. At first we thought we got 20 ppl join us for lunch, but is not turns out to be just 10 + of us =D

Is just what we do =D Selca time. With Stephanie , Michelle and me =D

Act cute pose~

Sailormoon and Michelle~

Me and Michelle~

With justin =D

After the lunch fellowship, is our first time that we ate lunch until 2++pm LOL. Super geng, because we do wait for some others to come. haha. Later I still feel super sleepy lol, so we back home and take nap. Later night we decide to have dinner together again. feel so happy and grateful that you have these bunch of fellow friends that you can catch up together =D

STEAMBOT!! Long time didn't have a nice steamboat, because when you come to steamboat you will have a lots of people surround the hotpot for foodss =D

Our 5 people meal, looks like less but is actually quite a lot LOL. I eat until very full!! haha

Not forget this steambot have their famous lala fried meehon =D


After the steamboat we actually got second round to come, at OLD TOWN just nearby. Selca time because the light is just right for selca!! hahaha =D

Super tired as well, since the event, not been able to have enough until today!! hahaha No choice, my body really cannot stand to sleep late and wake early. I know that they are many my friends can actually tahan =( LOL But I think is a good thing also, haha. But is good on when you sleep early and wake early LAR! hahaha =P



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