Bellooo my lovely readers, you all can know what I will be blogging about by reading the title ya. This workshop although I am not the lucky 10 to join their workshop but I still attend to show my support to them!! Both of them is always one of my favorite fashion blogger. They are so pretty and one of them is already a mummy of one cute fighter and another is mummy to be in few months. Hehe..actually I miss the chance lar because I didn't email to join in time. 

At first when I saw the workshop is going to end like on 8th of January. I feel like giving up maybe their workshop will be more private gua. But my darling bii told me differently lar..he say shouldn't be private in small room de. They have the changing session. I was....hmm..correct wor... so I finally make up my mind to go Isetan Klcc to support! Heyaa~~

We went there after my work at school. A bit rush and I did saw Audrey and her hubby at Tong Pak fu when we are on the way to foodcourt for lunch! My darling say go some nice place to lunch, but I want to finish my lunch faster and go see them ma. So I decide have pepper lunch express to eat! But a bit regret because the steel plate is too hot. I also use quite some time to just blowing my food. == wtf

A bit late but when we are just reach, they are just about to start! So thrilled and happy to see them both~~

The emcee is a model gua..haha.. both Cheesie and Audrey is concentrate on the question the emcee asking.

A video about one of the question. =D

What so funny question ler? They been ask like 5 - 6 question and open to floor. What is the NO NO in daily outfit? What they like about Japan? But maybe everyone is too paiseh to ask any question le, so we skip to the matching outfit part.

Cheesie and Audrey matching outfit from Foruchizu @ Isetan KLCC. 

A red bag for Chinese New Year!

Audrey style will be more rock and chic style. Love Cheesie cute pose with the beanie~~

Mostly Cheesie matching outfit will be more CNY feel because Chinese New Year is just around the corner mahhh. Hehe btw I got that red pinafore at home! Haha

I love this style with blue and white matching. Suitable for work and dinner.

Lastly with this lilac crop top! OMG, when I saw this top why it is must be in this pastel purple color~~~ feel like bringing it home!! After the matching cloths session, the session is open to floor to who would like to try and wear the outfit. But maybe to paiseh liao..nobody volunteer also lar xD

Photo session with da famous Cheesie and Audrey. The 10 lucky contestant will be having a free goodies bag and 1 polaroid photo.

I love Cheesie pose, she is so cute with many cute pose! And why lar she looks so thin although she is pregnant like for 16 weeks!?

The emcee required photo with them also! Audrey also very cute xD

I kinda scare to ask ma..but my darling insist help me. So I did get 1 of the polaroid photo with Hello Kitty some more..hehe

My smoke salmon pepper lunch xD

Took photo with 2 my favorite fashion bloggerr!!

Even selca also happy and nervous. Audrey even asked me whether she saw me before? I was shocked because she remeber me Churp out 2013 lol! Haha Babe even say can selca with 1 on 1 with them lar..but I was toooo paiseh already lol!  I am satisfied because can take selfie with them in this CLOSE! Hahaha

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Website / Facebook Instagram

After meeting with Cheesie and Audrey, we decide to take a coffee break at Starbucks.

My favorite Green Tea Frappucino. Add on with blueberry bread and chocolate cake!

Bii purposely come beside me for couple selfie!

Selfie 1

Selfie 2

Selfie 3

Selfie 4

Selfie 5

Selfie 6

Selfie 7

Selfie 8

8 selfie is taken while waiting my cute darling for his new haircut. Too tired fall asleep at his car. Too boring while waiting for him after waking up. Haha..but I simply love all these selfie xD


Galaxy sweater from Honey比比 Time Square
Blue skater skirt from Hang.over
Wings sneakers from Singxfashion

Thanks darling babe for bringing me here! I can't thank him so much because I wass way too happy that I can meet with Cheesie and Audrey again. Haha But I would love to meet up with other fashion blogger too! You know fashion is one of my favorite style ma. I get encourage and inspire by many of these bloggers. Always wanted to be like them one day xD I know is like mission impossible lar but I will try my best~~ Beside them Of cause cannot miss, my DARLING la! Haha..thanks for being part of my life~



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