Red Sunday

Friday, December 06, 2013 in

1st of December is ICT National organise by my company that is why I am working on a Sunday. Saw all there tall trophy is for the students okay, and there are even hardisk, printer and laptop too! 现在的小孩真幸福!哈哈

This is my third time in charge of the stage. LOL This time is the more grand for me as well. because before that I was not require to wear formal to help. But this time need lor, and you all can see that I don't have a very formal red attire just my black coat cover already only I look more formal xD Everyone look so pretty here.

More photo to boom! haha

Our after coat photo. because wearing coat is just to hot!haha

I also don't know we need to welcome VIP also at outside. Because outside weather is hot and we need to wear high heels and welcome them. One interesting part is we even need to help VIP to wear flower brooch  for them. It kinda awkward and gan jeong lo. But anyway everyone has their first time LOL! Forget to mention there is also one guy in charge of stage also! 

After everything gao dim already, we keep asking other people to help us to take group photo xD Can you see the vacuum cleaner? hahas

Our rehearsal photo, we nearly pose for photo everytime there is handphone or dslr shooting us! haha

This shot include emcee as well =D Can you notice who? hehe

My super bestie, Jeniffer Tan when I come for training always wish to see her!! hahas

Our Group Photo , thanks everyone! Everyone is doing great for their part!

As for me, I think that I didn't do so well in my part. Because different from the other post for me on stage, this time I am the stage person who invites and bring VIP go up the stage during prize ceremony time. And is my first time doing this, so I am kinda nervous I done something wrong or not please to VIP. LOL I did do wrong some part but is not know by other people but for my group. I hope that I can improve more and done well maybe in next year!? hahas

We end our event by 4pm. My darling is here to fetch me! so happy, and faster grab him to take photo. xD

I love my pony tail =D

A bit curly after I tie up to a bun! hoho!

OMG! Love this shot~~ ohlalala

This is how I tie my bun and my hair bun look like! hehe You can still see the purple hair lar!

There goes up my pony tail xD

After I loosen down all, my dip dye hair looks so pretty here, a bit curl and messy btw xD

I swear I'm gonna buy a red formal shirt next time!



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