Hi peeeps, back from Raya Holiday =D How you guys spend your Raya Holiday ya? I just back from Hometown and start to work. ~.~ Although my darling is not with me during this Raya Holiday, but I got plenty of time with my family and relatives. I still miss him a lot =(

A photo with my darling boy, just one selca before he left T___T

We reach my aunt house around 11am, lunch and fellowship with my relatives. Because not following my darling back to his hometown so he accompany me until night time. Night time we have durian in the house xD I super love and miss durian so much!! And I can only eat it during Durian Season at Hometown, super yummy and tasty because My 小姨 actually order 20 boxes of 猫王  from her friend >_< One selca of myself eating~

The durian boxes in the refrigerator =D

Boxes of the durian =D Super big and yellowish, The taste is SUPERB!!

Here ends, my first day Holiday =D Second day I ate a lot of durian too == LOL and was quite bored because nothing to do. I keep complain to my darling about how bored and how much I miss him >_< My 小姨 is coming back from Singapore~ She is bringing back my super Yellow kitty back from Singapore ~

My #3rd Day look, Friday. We are going out, YEAH~~ To melacca town, because my xiao yi want to shopping and watch a movie~ So we from Tangkak will gonna meet her and my xiao jiu there. =D

Tops: Blue Casual Shirt from Supermodel wardrobe
Bottom: Brands Outlet Star denim 

Before went to melacca town, we still have to visit Granma at Jasin. So we are having lunch there. Because of the hot weather, I actually tie up my hair LOL.

Selca with my cousin =D Such a big girl now, The driver of the day =D

With my Third Aunt =D

Behind the market is this famous Beef noodle =D

We are having the famous WANTAN mee, erm I actually didn't took photo of the stall because we sit quite behind. No place for us to sit in front because the stall have a lot of people go pong chan ~^6^

What so special about this plate of Wantan Noodle? Actually I found out, Melacca and Tangakak Wantan Noodle is thick like maggi. And Kl Wantan noodle is like thin and no 口感~ hehe So I super like their noodles and you definitely feel FULL after a small plate of Wantan Mee xD Their 鱼片was super big and nice =D NICE~~

After nearly 1 hour of lunch, we continue to Granma house =D SELCA we left ~

Selca with mummy =D She have this awkward pose =P

We JAM for 2 hours in the car and finally we reach Dataran Pahlawan for moive == My 三姨drive until a bit PEK CEK already. We are watching The smurfs 2 for the day =D It was still so funny and cute, because every time I saw smurfs I will feeel OH MY SMURFs they are so cuteeeee >-<

Not forget to take photo with my dearie cousins =D

And my 小姨 =D

After movie, we decided to have dinner here !! It is actually a Reastaurant Lounge Bar =D

Place for Darts =D

Place of Wines and beer =D

Bar counter =D

Love how the figs design here =)

The stage, blur already oppss

Ok, from left to right is My smallest cousin, Third cousin and the Elder wan =D


Not forget this is my 2nd Cousin =D

Cute boy =D

Busy sitting and chit chating ~

With my dearest Kaima and Xiao yi ^6^

The outside look =D

My cute mummy~

The other side of design, with more comfort seats =D

Love this wooden shade ~ Use the chain to open and close ~

Love this design and seats, feel so comfortable and relax where you can enjoy your drinks =D

My smallest cousin and my Xiao yii =D

A whole body shot =D

Happy family ~hehe

Girls photo time =D SUper love it, its taken so beautifully~

Cheers with our Heineken drink~

Trying camera fisheye effect xD

Cute pose =D

Happy sister and brother hoods =D 

Not forget our dishes =D My Yang cheow Fried rice =D

Fish and chips~

Pork chop~


Food are very affordable =D The taste of the food are delicious too!!

At last, selca with a dim of light =D

For more info about this Lounge bar Restaurant :

F2-003, F2003A, F2-005, F2006,
Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir,
75000 Melaka

Or Call for reservation:


Have a very happy fellowship with my family and relatives, although not spending time my darling, still missing him a lot =D 


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