Hi all, will be rushing to write few Chinese New Year post before Chap Gor meh(CNY last day). How did I actually spend my Chinese New Year though, it was quite red on the first day because something is coming!! LOL As first day thought to wear dress but because period is here so I have to wear normal shirt and pant on that day! My first day is actually quite bored + fun because I can spend my lunch time with my darling boy family and his 公公. I get a lots of angpow on that date lunch also! Although I can't wear dress on the first day but I manage to same couple shirt with my darling. haha

Although I am a Christian but I do celebrating Chinese New Year back to my granny 's house. Sinc my daddy is not around so we usually back to mummy side that is to Melacca. Although the Chu xi we plan to back to Melacca but things weren't as we plan. That is some problem came up and we manage to start journey at 1pm and reach Tangkak ( my Aunt's house) around 3pm. I feel so bless because I have my big darling here to support me and my family. I love his quote saying, Love me and must Love my family too!! 

My darling boy with his nephew.

Our couple selfie and shirt!

2nd shot~

Love my eyeliner makeup that day~ Phewit~

The lunch is just a quick one start at 12pm and ended around 1+pm. I back to grandmother house around 2pm I think. Luckily my cousin still here and we have guest in the house as well! You can say that first day of my Chinese New Year I get alots of Ang Pow! This is my malay 表姐, we only see each other like once a year? haha It's good to see her again.

Another with my Malay 表哥, actually he is same age with but just he is 1 month older than me only lar. But still he is bigger than me lol! haha I have been 2 years didn't see him because of his study. Now I will be able to catch up and chit chat with him lol! hehe 

At night, I spend 1-2 hours gamble with my cousin and uncle. Won some money lar but not that much also 

What about my Day 2? Is way too boring but we manage to have my Small Aunt back here all the way from Singapore in the morning. The rest of the day we just staying at home and playing handphone lol! Then my baby arrived to have lunch and dinner together! I watch one of the movie on his laptop and see my baby, uncle and cousin gamble 21 点.  After dinner, I wanted to go out with my darling. We watch movie together and we didn't watch it at town because it will be freaking jam. Instead we watch at nearby mall. 

You prefer black

or Silver? haha

Yes, we are watching Robocop on that night! The cinema even show us the wrong movie for about 5- 10 minutes. Everybody in the hall was like What The!?? Because they are many Malay and they show us The Monkey King opening part. haha

Overall this movie was not bad because I really love Robocop. I guess most you guys watch the Robocop drama when we are still small kids right? haha I found this movie beside the hero part they even show us the human part of Robocop. The father part of him, I was quite touch and in the end. Shows that Human mind can't be control by any machine but LOVE.

Begin my Day 3 with a more proper look~ I can finally wear pretty already! Although today we just plan to back Kuala Lumpur but I don't care already because is the only chance I can 

Our couple selfie before we start our journey. We watch the movie until 12am and back home. Although we have promise mum to fetch her at 9am. But we overslept and wake at 10:30am!! 

My super 嘟嘴pose, sorry for my dry lips*

Have my #sharonootd shot outside the house.

We reach Granny's house at 12pm and have lunch there since we are late. We actually rest and snooze out after lunch lol. Mummy and small aunt wanted to go visit 老姑( my granpa's sister) at Tangkak. Here we are, my selfie at the house!

Then I realize I hasn't taking selfie with my small cousin also lol. So this my chance! haha Every year some of my mummy relatives will drop by granny's house with their big family. They always love to take family photo together at my granny's house also. I haven't really has the chance to really take a good family photo with any of my relatives. I always jealous of people who got the chance to take family potrait with their family. For me? I really not sure I need to wait how long so that my brother and daddy able to take with me.

With my small aunt( kai ma).

Love this shot, thanks to my darling boy!!

My #sharonootd for Day 3!

Red Jumper from Shop360degree
Stripes Top from Novela
Shoes from Nichii

Baby boy say this two can combine together because so look alike xD

Our Chor 3 and Chor 4 couple selfie! haha Love you so much ya~~ I will continue my post on Chinese New Year Day 4 post also ya!

Sometime it is hard to separate with you when the leaving time arrive.


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