Hi guys, am back with second day post at Penang. Today is our team building with our group. I am quite happy to be in Ninja Turtle as well because everyone is very friendly and fun to be together! haha. We are here and we took our company trip photo here! And so with our group also! Btw the weather is kinda hot so I am prepare with cap and sun block for today challenges.

#1 The escape park

#2 Banner of the activities inside!

#3 Our ticket band to go inside.

#4 Oh ya, suppose we are not able to take our own handphone inside but just one camera for each group. There are some photo I took later after the Team building and some I take the photo from my group member la.

#5 Are you afraid of HEIGHT!??? I AM!! Seriously!!

#6 Mostly every game is more on height..height and height! wtf All these 3 photos I took is just one of the station that required A lots of courage, mentally and PHYSICAL as well! and there is 3 level you can choose to go through ler!

#7 Back to sequence of the photo, we went off from bus.

#8 Ninja Turtle!

#9 We are group number 2 as well!! I am the smallest and tiny one ==

#10 My group!

#11 Briefing of our challenges for today!

#12 Our Ninja Turtle group leader, Joe~


#14 Our Challenges for today and map.

#15 Discussing and discussing how are we going to win this challenges

#16 Guess what, our first challenges is Flying Lemur. Flying fox lo!! Guess what I wanted to play for long time and haven't got the chance to play Flying fox~

#17 The ranger briefing us about the safety and rules. 

#18 Is me coming back all the way I start. The steel rope cannot be untie halfway. It has to be from the start until the end of the steel rope only you can release from the steel rope. I have to admit I kinda scare when I start because we left 3 girls behind and all the guys went off first. hahas. Never will forget the experience of flying through the height. Its 139 m high!! I did scream all the way ya. hahas.

#19 Our second game Monkey Business, Although the first game was tired but still I continue on =D

#20 Choosing the second level.

#21 Kinda regret after reaching here. Because is not my favourite game though = =

#22 Third level, only the guys will dare.

#23 I did struggle a lot! Nearly cry out because I really feel like I am gonna give up because I was really really scare of height and Height scared me T_T

#24 When I was on the string, my hand and leg are just too short to hold the string. So scare and used up my strength 

#25 Regret that I didn't choose the first level. After I just finish the first station of this challenge, I was so exhausted hand muscle was so pain and ache. I nearly vomit also. But I manage to rest a while and continue. I know my hand have no energy to continue already but I still continue my challenge. Although my partner didn't manage to finish because she scare of the flying fox. I personally think that Flying fox is the most easiest because you just swing your body and it will bring to the end. Same as the theory they use at flying fox, the steel rope is continue on until the end means where you start and that the place you end. There is some station I SUPER SCARE!! I never thought of in my life I will dare to walk on string. STRING only ler!! Scare me off and felt so 无奈 because wtf it was the last station to back to where you start!!!!! I asking the ranger to accompany walk the string and I don't even dare to look down or move my leg!! Guess what I just walk like dragging my leg nearer nearer to the end!! T_____T Can't bear to walk that again! Because it was way to scary!! I finish all the 9 station in 1 and half hour = =

#26 While me and some friends are doing the monkey business. Other people go and try other challenges, Go Ape, oh ya there are 7 challenges we have to play.

#27 Climbing trees like MONKEY 

#28 Foxy Burrow, Finding things in the tunnel with only small flash on your head.

#29 Our second last game, Tubby Racer I am the last one ya. Cut off my head already. No joke, this want is like you pull the rubber buoy up to the mountains its take like 15 minute. My hand are so ache and that buoy was soooooo HEAVY!!!  When you slide down is like just 1 minute? wtf?

#30 The last challenge ATAN's Leap - BUNGEE JUMP!! Just 5 of us here to challenge~~ OMG~~

#31 Seriously wanted to know how tall was it? 20 feet only la, haha. But is SO SCARY once you just climb up, phewwww. Many of us when up and give up already. LOL Seriously the height is no joke lol! Although I am afraid of height but if the EXCITEMENT and SCARE go away fast and quick. I would like to try it anyway! haha. I didn't give up okay although is really high = = Oh ya, one interesting thing is they need you to step half of your feet out during the briefing. I was like you kidding me!?? I just straight and tell the ranger, Kamu boleh tolak saya je? haha, so basically I was being push softly out. But the scare gone when you jump down la. And It's not that high though, hahaha!

After the game, it our lunch time at 1pm! =D After lunch we can still mingle around to see which game you want to try. I try another one Gecko Tower with Jeniffer! So much fun, haha!

#32 Photo with ESCAPE!

#33 Back to hotel around 3pm, rest and have our own free time. Whether you want to go beach or pool. I was so tired and worn out after the team building. I know my muscle will pain the next day. So I just rest sleep at my hotel room. zz

Gala Dinner tonight and seems like everyone is wearing nice tonight. Speech and gifts of gratidution for everyone~

#34 A very tough day earn a medal! Medal cast the pain away! haha The night end with prizes for the team building @ Escape Park. Seriouly when Ninja Turtle is the CHAMPION!! I was so happy and thrilled never think of our hardwork together has make us everyone a CHAMPION! hehe The gold medal by escape Park.

#35 And Cash Prizes as well!!

#36 I was so bless to being part of the Ninja Turtle team. Mighty Mutant Ninja Power, Turtle POWER!! Woohoo 

Oh ya, I really feels so thankful and grateful. They encourage me when I am scare and wanted to give up. They give me courage and strength to continue every challenges. I am so happy because they are there to support me. I think without their support and encouragement I wounldn't have complete every challenge I face. Thanks so much!! I won't forget you guys~~

Details of Escape Park:

828 Jalan Teluk Bahang
  11050 Penang
  Tel:+604-8811 106
  Fax:+604-8813 106
  Email: info@escape.my



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