Raya Mood in KL

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 in
Hello guys, having this raya theme for this week =D I actually borrow this kebaya from my third aunt all the way from Tangkak. So I'm wearing it for this week serving. There is this 2 pretty ladys wearing too.So it is our selca time =D

Although we are Christian but I think wearing Malay outfit is acceptable =D 

Our whole look of the day =)

Seriously we just can't stop all this crazy photo together ~

Own selca with two pretty ladys =D


With my darling babe ~

Super love this outfit, although I feel a bit awkward and this kebaya a bit loose >0< I actually ask my mum pinned it behind only its fits to my size =D LOL The material of this Kebaya is more to SILK, that is so comfortable and not a heavy one =D

With micheller dearie =D

At Last Sarah let me take her cute photo T___T

With cute Norah, where is she looking @.@

my Cute Biii got Big CUTE eyes~ wahaha

With Justin~

Joanna ( my right) say behind the scenery is suitable for our theme, so have our one last selca ~

Biii say I wear until very pretty, keep want take photo with me =D Hugging his big body xD


Although we want to go our car, we still selca ing~ BEh tahan~

We have our quick lunch at BOBO, then we headed home for rest. =D We are having Korean Steambot at night with my Anaikanos gang. We actually went to 1 Utama to shopping. I actually bought a lot of things~ Such as cloths, shoes and some make up set from Dolly Wink. I also found out that 1 Utama Isetan sell quite some Dolly Wink product that I saw from XiaXue blogs =D So with my itchy heart I actually bought the set RM50 with the eyelashes set =D

I actually bought a new shoes for my work too!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Some england style xD

We actually went late for the dinner, and we didn't manage to eat korean steambot instead we went for Korean food xD

Saw many egg pancake they order, One is original and one is spicy I guess =D

The environment is still ok, but less people dining here~

Big korean fried EGG~

Our group photo =D

Our BBQ that they help us BBQ, lol. Taste like satay outside LOL But the pork actually taste OK~

Simply design around the restaurant.

With bii beside me =D

And Michellee =D

After our dinner, the shop closed at 10pm. We reached there around 9:15pm. So we actually didn't stay long and we decided to have second round gathering at TONG PAK FU. Treat by our HK, Justin =D We 3 girls just ordered one Mango Milk and shared xD Because still very full after our dinner =D

We chit chat until 12Am only back home =) 

Have a nice fellowship with friends and happy my darling can know my friends better.



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