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bello peeps, After a year I still joining in this event but as a different role I played xD. This time I will be teaching and guiding them through the dance only ~lol.

Am joining the dancing last year, but this year 退休 already =D This year the event start early and I am quite a busy working people ~@@ So we just have 10 times of practice I guess and we are off to perform ~.~ Macam yes horr!!

LYM stands for Lutheran Youth Mission Night, My church is one of the Lutheran Church so we are joing this missionary night =D Every country have their own missionary. This year they will be more emphasis on the missionary work of other country =D

My near selca shot =D

This year we are having same theme, India again~ Although I didn't wear a punjabi set but I still got myself to wear a modern hippie style of india =D

Tops: Purple singlet crop from Supermodel Wardrobe
Bottom: Hippie Indian style purple pants from Phuket =D

I tell bii the first one like skirt, so took another wan with pants look =P

My dancers all sit down and prepare =D

First performance by Malaysia =D They mention the unity for Malaysia.

Coutry of Japan =D

From USA, they are singing the hymn written by the founder of Luther Center, Martin Luther.

Vietnam =D

China~ They doing this sort of 太极 for 3 songs of worship songs~

Hong Kong, drama about a doctor who sacrifice her life to save SARS during 2002.

Philippine I guess~hehe

My first indian couple =D Actually I was quite tired and wanted to back home early, but deep inside my heart I want to take photograph with my dancers so we decided to wait the event end =D

Second indian couple =D That are super funny =D

Third couple, super lovely and cute couple~

Group shot #1

Group SHot #2

Sweet pose #3 shot

With this cute little handsome boy~~

Not forget my darling biiiiiiiiiiiiii Lovey~

Pamiee dear~

Have a wonderful night, feel so happy and satisfied with their performance. Everything went well and end well. My darling boiii as well =D



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