August 1st Weekend

Monday, August 05, 2013 in
After the LYM Night, its Sunday again~ not serving this week =D Today is a combine service that me and my boy totally forgotten and we reach early xD

One thing I mostly do in my baby car is MAKE UP~ Oh my, who does that ya~? I wonder xD Because am a lazy girl to make up at home and since we are earlier and I decided to make up at car~

Can you see which part of my eye been make up?
Ans: White eye liner on the under lid of my eye =D

After I make up, because actually I did ask my boy where should I draw the white liner har? He say in front lar. Then I feel super weird because just white color MEH~

So I decided to add on Mascara xD ta-dang~

look more nicee =D


Peace pose xD S
Since got time so use quite lot of time selca at car =P

Today we have a special speaker preaching about parenting. Pastor Micheal, he was so funny and humor talking about his parenting life =D That I think was super cool and fun~ These photos are the 5 NOT TO SAY to CHILD SENTENCES. xD

You are stupid!! 

Or parents like to compare their children with other people children xD

And don't deny children fear although It's just a small matter fear to us =D

Don't ever leave things unsettle and said this word to your children. Must discipline children your own way.

Selca with Michelle dear. We are having buffet lunch because one of our Church Pastor transfer to other church as a gratitude for her serving at our church for 4 years.

After our lunch, we are having meeting about our up coming event at our church at Starbucks =D I am having Chocolate Chip Green Tea that are super nice =D Because Me and darling boy cannot tahan the caffeine of the coffee, so both of us cannot have coffee drink such as mocha or latte. LOL

We are having meeting from 2pm-5pm straight. I think because of Hari Raya, the shopping center was pack of Malay people LOL. 

Although he didn't join us for meeting, but he still accompany beside me =D Super sweet of him ~

He is having Blueberry Raspberry drink, that are a mixed taste of sweet and sour ~

Not forget my #OOTD =D

White dress from Supermodel Wardrobe

Thx bibi for this sweet shot =D


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