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Hii, just back from Haji Holiday and realize that I have few post haven't update here. Here start ma 1st blog post about KLPF( Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival) on the 12 Oct 2013 at Mid Valley. We straight went there after my work=D

Celebrating 40years Timberland brand at the Concourse.


We saw the purple lighting on the stage my darling ask me to pose and take photo =D

With the "model" LOL

There is this small booth, you can see two designer are use hand paint to design the new look of Timberland new leather shoe =D

More design.

There is this Super Red boots!!

After a little walk around Mid Valley, we are actually looking place for lunch and movie later. So we spot a little cafe just near the cinema.-Little Taiwan-

Can you guess what is this??

Its Bonsai actually, but is Ice-Cream Bonsai LAR!! hahas We saw in the menu and we find looks interesting so we order one and try. When we got it, I tell bii Why don't you try first see how it taste..... Its actually taste ICE-CREAM LOL. The soil is actually oreo biscuit and inside was Vanila Ice-cream. The middle plant, cannot be eaten OKAY!! Just for the design only, the pot is actually a real plant pot LOL.

Biii got his favourite fish to eat!! Crispy Soy Fish Rice set, Super like the crispy soy with the fish fillet, so yummy! Bii say Taiwan food always got many this thingy with rice!

Comes with set!

And Muachi! so cutee~~

Mine noodle, Braised mee Ramen Soup, taste normal la. But the beef is so Q and nice, noodle is smooth as well.

We even order one snack that is the Jade Dumpling, Vege taste and NICE!! Because not always can find at other restaurant.

Selfie after lunch =D

With my darling boy beside me.

#OOTD before movie!!
Top from Supermodel Wardrobe
Daisy Bottom from 360degree
Jelly Bunny white sandal!!

We are watching Escape Plan, the movie is AWESOME!!
Both the old actor really carry out the movie so well~~The story is unpreddictable LOL. Is a must watch MOVIE as well.

Here the trailer of the movie.

After the movie, we decided to go for dinner at the food court and KLPF at the event hall.

Saw this interesting wheel just outside the foodcourt. Inside got all the famous places at Malaysia.

First is the last time Eye of Malaysia at Titiwangsa and Melaka.

Genting Highlands~

Batu Caves

Mosque at Malaysia.

After dinner, we went to the main door of the event.

And we saw a big balloon made Camera, so cute!!


With the Chinese mask.

Saw one booth show the half side of the lens, LOL

Colorful of Pentax Camera

Of cause there is some photos exhibition to see.

Not by me ya, I just took because is so nice!! With my Samsung Note 3 =D

Another nice scenery.

Corner of Photos.

Saw this interesting poster and is direct by Malaysian Director.

Free Hand DSLR 

by Hadsan

Saw it!?

The HUGE DSLR by Olympus.

Saw a pretty model in the middle of booth with flower =)

Come and have a look =D

Saw this colorful cartoon corner. HELLO KITTY!!

Hello Kitty Instant Camera =D

Hello Kitty board!!

Me with the Hello Kitty.

Nice Background with tree and leaves.

Cat!! Cat in the Box~

Is a sharing photography place.

Photo with D'HIPLINNE logo.

More scenery Photos.

Babe say why don't you go take with the photo as well =D

Plan to go Taiwan Next year 

or Thailand?

Take a funny photo. My darling saw someone wearing the same color Polo with him. I tell him faster go near him I want to take photo xD haha But he also don't dare go near. Later we shop a while at Daiso and Guardian. No cloths or shoes to buy =P

Having a wonderful Saturday with darling and watch a AWESOME movie as well. Quite some time didn't watch movie already. Really have a lot of time spend with my previous hubby. I know that future still have a lot of obstacles that we have to face it. The most important thing is we hold hand together and overcome it together. If a small things you didn't solve and argue first, how about the future when we marry and have child? I hope that we can hold hand together until the very end. Love you so much!!



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