Last exam paper x(

Today is my last exam paper==
i will my best ya~
Is the Art Law paper that I study very hard~~
Kinda nervous~
Scare will 4get wan!!
I do the pass year question only and didn't study much on the notes...
Found out that the question all sama sama punya..
So I guess later that exam paper also won't got big different from this few years d lor...
But i just manage to finish 2 pass year question only~~
And I dun have Trademark textbook~
Kinokuniya no stock d wor!!
So i cannot find T^T
Thinking of borrow from friend
But i scare cannot borrow~ haizzz~
headache lo!!!!
That's why i need to memorise trademark geh section section all!!
ANYWAY i need to thanks PAM dear for helping in my question T^T
Because got many dunno how to answer~
But thanks to here I am able to answer all the question jo~~^^
Jia You lol!!!
2pm exam~
Wish me luck yaa~~

ps: sorry to my u4 classmates T^T
because cannot online these few days cuz of my mum~~

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