New Year Clothes ^-^

Thursday, January 27, 2011 in
Chinese New Year is just around the corner~
Do You guys buy new clothes already!?
My mum actually ask me not to buy~
Because i got many new clothes already and the closet is not enough to put more le~
But somehow as you all know~
Girls closet always less one clothes xD
But now my target is on plain black and white colour shirt~
But not too plain in style and pattern just the color only la ^^
I buy many new hair accessories as well~
Because last time hairband i don't want to wear already~
I found that hair band really tight on our head==
I feel uncomfortable wearing it~
So now I go to Forever 21 and buy 2 head accessories~
And 2 head accessories at Pasar Malam~
CHiang Chiang~

This shoe type i buy jor 2 pairs~~
At Cotton On~
My mum say i crazy ah~
But 2 same type shoe rm60 xD
And some more plain in pattern also wor
Now i add some stuff on the shoe~
So now it's different!! xD haha
Love it more after i add d~

This 2 new clothes~
Although the color seem die~
But i love the pattern d~
xD don't know why~
And most importantly easy to wear with other pants or skirts ma xD
And hor i love my HIGH WAIST PANTS as well!! ^6^


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