Not feeling too well x)

I'm feeling not well~
not feel like waking up as well~
I feel my stomach got something wanted to burst ot jo~~
but i oso dun care d~
When I wake d
Rush to toilet and vomit d~~
but not many thing i vomited also..
Just watery~~
After that i mian qiang go down and buy lunch for my brother~==+
reli feel sicker d lorr
But I manage finish my lunch~~
Later meet 4 snowws~~~

*ps: i feel sick and i got feel like wan stay home oni d~~
but i can't wait to c my baby and lao po geh new hair style~~hahaha's

Their hair is nice waa!!
Surprisingly my baby hair is soooo suitable for her lo~~
although got bit look like auntie's~OPPs~
Lao po geh hair ler...
she dunno wat the meaning of fringe d wor==!!
Sor sor geh lor her..
Don't know ma ask la..hahaha~
So cute her..
Hope her fringe can long faster d la~~
I still not well~~
Sit is better than stand d~~
We keep chit chating until 6 something oni reach hum~~

I don't feel like eating my dinner also==
And I feel tired as welll~haizz
I sleep at 11pm~~~
Sleep until not comfortable also!!!
Around 3am~i wake up d~~
I run to toilet for 3-4 times~~
Like my stomach is twisting!!!
wan vomit nothing is out~
just water~~
* i can feel the roti boy ==
I finally vomited ALL~~~
Quite many d~
And luckily I sleep so well after this==
Thank God~=)

I still feel a bit not well~
But is ok d lo~~~

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