Taxi XXperience xD

Actually taxi~
How you guys define taxi as?
Google it and you will find~
Noun1.taxitaxi - a car driven by a person whose job is to take passengers where they want to go in exchange for mone
Verb - travel slowly; "The plane taxied down the runway" - ride in a taxicab

I usually take taxi quite a lot of time..
I know it actually costly~
But I have no choice though~
Maybe not many people nowadays sit taxi~
Because they are rich~
Family can afford car~

Many many times i sit taxi before
Each time meet different taxi driver
Some will be very quiet
Because there will be no talking no radio
Some will just be quiet
Just on the radio listen to music
Some will be quiet talkative
But they will drive very slow very slow
Because they wan the meter to be more EXPENSIVE==+ KNS!!
Some will be nice with me
We will be chit chating inside the taxi
But they do not drive that slow
And even sometimes they will count the fee cheaper!!

So seem like i been experience sitting the taxi
hope there will be someone like me enjoying the journey while sitting inside te teksi~

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