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Chinese New Year Visitation~ =)

One year once~
My primary skul friend will having this Chinese New Year gathering~
Visitation to our Class Teacher house!!
At first I didn't feel like going as well~
LAZY ma =((sorry~~
But my mum keep ask me to go lor!!

Sometime we don't know
But friend can surely bring us happiness~xD haha
So I'm enjoying this visitation as well =)

Playing killer and gamble like nobody see!! xDD

nice wei=)
Wan Teng is so LIGHT!!

Our PHOTO with our dear Ms TEOH~

Playing with this bear and add hair!!xD

Happy Family~?haha

GAMBLE~lost rm9=(

Later back home~
Rushing for dinner at Auntie Cindy house~
FULL DOU me!! haha..

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