Drama FANS !! xD

Friday, February 11, 2011 in
I am a drama FANS!!xD
I watch quite lots of drama~
And i download and keep it inside my laptop!!
Now both my local disk are full =(

Need a new hard disk~T^T
All kinds of drama i love though~

And movie of cause!!

Taiwan drama

Korean drama

America drama

mostly i love investigation drama ^6^

My all time favourite~haha

Sometime i will watch the drama because got the idol that i love~

Handsome one Pretty one xD

What i think is if no leng lui or leng zai~

I won't watch d ba~xD
No no~

Some i feel the storyline is very good~

That's why it makes me wanted continue to watch the drama^^

I usually will updated myself with new drama but not old one~

Don't know why~
Don't feel like watching all those old drama~xD
Drama usually got many episode~
And we need to use few days to finish all!!

But i usually updated myself with new episode in every week~

It is very that KUA ZHANG LOL!!!hahaha

But i kinda enjoying that~

Because I am not that someone who can on their laptop whole day by watching all the drama in just one day~

So i am a very patient people~^^hahaha

But i do learn quite lot during drama~
Because one episode/one whole drama spend a few months to end it=)

I usually will notice the scene from time to time~

Just to see from which angle they took

Which angle shoot more nicer~?
Which is not~?

Haha..i really don't know why i will be that..

But it was naturally i will go and start to notice all this..
But if it is very CI KEK than i will most probably won't notice le~hahaha..

I feel that movie usually end fast and we won't have the time to notice that~haha..

And home drama and movie is more fun~^^

Haha..because we can relax and sit and enjoy the movie =)

It was fun when you try to figure out what will happen next and you will try and wanted n to know what will happen next~!?

So I am quite enjoying my ALL TIME DRAMA though~

But too many drama makes me don't know which to watch=(

Or even bored to watch IT!!

Anyway INVESTIGATION drama will be more on it!!! xD
I will never feel bored watching them!!

Drama recently I watch finish =) nice!!

He so MAN!!!xDDD

Justin Bieber In CSI 11 !!!

Nice~ and handsome xD

my BOSCO!~hahaha..
a week to go then will end~=(

nice drama too^^
杨怡so pretty^^ xD

Just start tis week only~

love this drama too~^^
cute ^6^


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