Melacca New Year =x=

Because I have taken many photos at my grandmother house~


Here are them ^^


Most Love of all~^6^

fireworks~ nice man~having fun playing with it~xD haha

see that~? Is a LOVE SHAPE fireworks~haha

I am going back to my mum hometown at Melacca as usual~

My mum has finally brought a new shoe~

Is was 20% discout~~from 79.90 to 64 ringgit only~~xD

Cheap dou!!!

I wanted to buy one pair also but she didn’t give~

She say I had no chance to wear it and it was very high==”” LOL

It is rm119.90 after discount is just rm96~!!

Cheaper than the shoe that I wanted to buy from Vincci~~

No choice liao~T^T


I been stuck in my granmother KAMPUNG house for 3 days!!!!

No internet

No astro

Every year I visit my granmother

My mum will often bring us to visit many relative and her friend at Melacca

But now when we grow older

My mum didn’t do the same thing now..~

Haiz~So we just stay at the house pass our Chinese New Year~

How pathetic T^T

Somehow just the same relative come our house~

The angpow is just given by my auntie and uncle lo~~

When we are growing older angpow money are lesser and lesser~

Mostly what I do at my granmother house is just watching movie and drama inside my laptop~




Quite bored and annoying CHINESE NEW YEAR for meeee!!!!

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