Mid valley =)

Went To Mid Valley today
Survey for RM60 @ Bouleward Hotel
Me and my friend reach there around 11am
There was quiet A lot of people there
I saw one of my friend also=)
There was breakfast prepared for us as well =)
The food was delicious =))

We start our survey at 12pm
We need to listen to 175 song and rated Them from 1-6
Each song 8 sec
It all went very fast and end fast!!
We finished by 12:30pm+

We went for shopping and window shopping~

Lovely Valentine Bear=)



Targetted for 2 shoe Rm129+49 T^T
Quite a lot of money=(
NO MONEY at this moment aaahhh!!!
So tired of saving money!!!
When you saw something you want to buy~
But you can't~T^T

We went for lunch
Korean Food^6^

This was nice~ I love the soup ya ^^

My noodle~quite nice~just I don't like the cold cold of the noodle only~xD

The kimchi 小吃~LOL~hehe

Later we went to a shop name garden =)


There a guy inside the cage xD OH MY~!!xD

See it!??




The pillar was cover with leaves~NICE~

Small bird house^^


He was playing the piano inside ~xD COOl~~

We went to the Roof Garden as well~~
LOLDidn't see anything interesting!!
feel HOT only~~==

Went home around 6pm

There was a BMW kena langgar by a car~
But the car got nothing~
The Bmw was SPOILED!!

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