New Year Outing =)

Monday, February 07, 2011 in
Today is New Year Sunday~^^

Finally I am back to KL~

Actually if can I wanted to spend my Chinese new Year at KL~xD

But it doesn’t seem like that~haiz~

So today I’m going out with my little friend and church~

(Because I alwayz get more close with younger friends xD)

My cutie church Friend^^

We went to pavilion~

We ate MCD near Sg wang there~

We went for a movie at pavi~

There was hell lot of ppl lining up there..

The movie that we wanted to watch all selling so fast==+

The movie time all around 2pm++..

But the seats are SUCKs!!

SO we have no choice we choose the 18 year old SHAOLIN TEMPLE 2011

They didn’t ask whether that we are all 18~

Haha..But somehow the seats are mostly the front seats~

We are being choose to sit at the second front row~

Ok lur….somehow pavilion cinema seat is very comfortable~ xD

Sit in front u can lay all down on the seat~haha..but still I prefer to sit straight~

In front seat also not that bad actually~

This movie is indeed good also~xD

Love all the actor!!^6^

Handsome geh handsome~cute geh cute~pretty geh pretty~

The beeping UFO~
haha..we wonder how it is been do~
And when it turn red and with sound we all XIA DAO!!xD

Haha..After movie~

We shopping around==

And we shop until 7pm!!from 4pm

Wah!! We go for SNOWFLAKES~


Buy 1 got 50% on the second item~

I brought a flowery dress~

Because of my friend~

She saw a shirt Justin Bieber were wearing~

No choice I have to buy~

The dress cost rm69 but when we pay 2 just cost rm39==

I was shocked~wah!!!CHEAP!!hahaha

I love that dress too== They say nice on me too~^^hahaxD

After that we went home dinner at MIAN DUI MIAN~

We gamble at my house@@


I was so good at this~

My brother just taught me one night~a few match~

Than I was like so ADDICTED~nice man~

Win money also can win many~hahaha..

But got win sure got lose T^T

I lost total rm1~although not that many~

I am happy that whole day!!xDD

Chinese New year with friend is fun!!haha


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