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SICKness~!!!! xD

After few days of working and rushing~
Finally I'm sick
Now i'm really need money because of my nw spec that cost rm289!!!
I feel stupid that why do i get a spec that cost nearly rm300T^T
Regret as well~~==+
But no choice lo!!
Maybe this will be my last time do spectacle d!!==

So i am having SORE THROAT at first
Then having FLU at the same time
Sometimes I even feel I am having FEVER as well
Yesterday I fall asleep tat 9:30pm
Until the next day 9:00pm i wake up
Feel energetic..LOL
But my flu still the same
The 鼻涕 keep come out==
Super not comfortable==+
I haven ate any medicine since now~
Because i think flu medicine can cause deep sleep
Until the next day==
ANYWAY wish me luck
That I can faster RECOVER^6^

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