A memorable DAY =))

Monday, February 21, 2011 in
Today I went to a workshop@ New Life Church with my footprints worship team
Actually I kinda whether to go or not??
But somehow I'm thinking
Better to stay HOME xDD
We reach there about 3:05pm
Not that late
They was just about to start

I was kinda shocked and enjoyed when I saw the band doing things~
Their stage although was small but it was GRAND
Lighting was good

Instrument as well=))

I can found that their worship leading can be that fast bringing the crowd into the time of praise and worship~


When the praise continue~
There are still drum performance
There was total 5 drum set and 5 drummer playing together==))
I am totally in love with the beat of drum xDD
There was SOLO as well!!!
They are all so talented !
Different drum set different style & feeling they can play!!^6^
IMPRESSED as well!!


nice END~~xD

Later 1AM group was leading!!~!
I was so HAPPY!!xDDBecause I kinda love that group~~
Because Their song was awesome xD
At first I do not recognise..
What group is this~
But when They show ALL I WANNA DO lyric
Only I realise they are 1AM!!xDD
Because they look so MALAY~!
I was like WAOOHH!!(jaw drop)
I was enjoying their leading song=))
Especially the guitarist!!
He was that awesome!!LOL
AWESOME all!!!

You guys can see how well he shake his head and body with his GUITAR~~~!!

Later there was the champion band from yesterday competition
4 Indians
Do you believe that they can beatbox while prasing!?^6^
and one cool thing is they all wear "HAK QIU" when they perform
They are not playing the drum but it was a indian drum~

the melody of the whole song was very nice
We were so enjoy listen to themxDD
No wonder they can get the 1st in the competition~!!

The BeatBOX~

Indian drumxD

Later after pastor short sharing
We are going to our 1st session of workshop
I choose vocal as my 1st session of my workshop~
I found out that both our vocal coach
They been performance in around the world
One have been perform in Korea in front of 80,000 people!!
The other female,Juwita Suvito
She was the vocal coach for MALAYSIAN IDOL and ONE IN A MILLION
She even release 3 album before!!
her brother is a music director as well=)))
Whole family of them are a very TALENTED family~~
She even release 3 of her own album~~
I actually learn a lot~hmm
Although it was basic but before that I don't think I'm that in it
But because of their passionate in singing
It very inspiring me=)
One word I found that is very meaningful
"We know GOD first only we become singer"xD

Second session I choose photography actually
But because of friends~I go to the dance session instead
Not that boring as I thought
Dance ministry is actually a intimate ministry with God
We wordhip through our own body
i found that it was very anoint when we dance to worship and praise
Feel more closer to God as well=))
We dance and laugh together as well=)LOL

*I still remember i doing sign language and learn tambourine at my church as well~

End all our workshop
But still we need to gather at the hall
We continue our PNW in the hall
So amazing VOCALS by the 2 worship leader xD(my vocal coachxDDD)
Proud ler... a flash in my mind that i wish to be like her one day =))
The worship team was a great combination ~
playful bassist and guitarist=))
A group pf saxaphone and trumpetm
A cool pianist
A handsome left handed drummer2 backup and worship leader

I was TOUCHED when I saw them praising and worshipping the LORD
With passionate soul and mind^^
I still remmeber that the male vocal says
You must enjoy every song you sing and play~
And they are all so enjoy and joyfully singing and praising the LORD~
It was a GREAT MOMENT of time being there=)
I gonna use all my talent that good ON DAY!!


A girl~so COOL~ lo~~
I still remember I once blow trumpet before too!!!



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