I am the girl who are not afraid to show my braces
From now I been having this braces for 1 year half only~
I think I should have more to go~
Government is like that wan lo~
Always Late and Long wan~
Each 2 month I only go tighthen my teeth~
Until now still have empty holes in my teeth LOL
How wish the time can pass faster
And the hole can CLOSE loL
This time my teeth Pain quite a long time~
Nearly a week I guess
When attend the wedding
Having buffet and lunch at the restaurant
I can say eat DOU quite SAN FU~
CAnnot actually taste the food that I eaten T^T
Until today
Still got a bit pain lo~
The dentist change a new style of tighten~
Add something new d lor..
Now I really wish time pass faster LA!!
Don't know when I can show my LENG LENG teeth lo~^^haha

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