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Monday, March 07, 2011 in
Today I went to take photos with my friend
When I started to take only I realise I didn't bring my SD card LOL!!
In my memory I think that i lost it==!!
LOL..hate it when I always lost thing~~
Then we have to buy a new SD crad instead==!!
Went to Laoyat Plaza
It's 9:30am just a few minutes will turn 10am!!
But the shop just don't want to do business for me!!
Later I go 2nd floor canon merchandise and buy rm40 4GbSD card~T^T

We start to take photos along our way down to Petaling Streets~
I went to MBS also~
SHOCKED!!! I saw their school is like english style high school~LOL!!
So nice..I love antique^^
Saw leng zai playong BBball as well~T^T
At petaling Street I got to buy comic books!!xDD
GOSH!!Long time I didn't buy and read comic already~
Later we having lunch at MCD~^^
After that I deside to shop at Pavi~
LOL~wanted to buy that Vincci shoe~xD
But what a dissapointed~
I search nearly all Vinnce outlet at Kl~
Not a shop got that shoe already~haiz~~
Later my mood like went down ~LOL!!
Got no mood to shop le lo~haiz~~
Somehow I still didn't give up~
But continue shop at Ts & SG wang~
At last I got this shoe instead~
At Submit~==++~~
I am so happy~AGAIN!!
Actually I wanted to buy a black high heels
that I can wear for formal and casual as well^^
Somehow this Submit shoe I saw it during CNY at Melacca
That time the shoe cost RM 119.90 got 20%
Now this shoe still got but now it is 50%!!!
Never thought that I could see this shoe again~
The Vincci shoe~I got through many obstacles~
But also cannot find it and got the chance to buy T^T
I really felt that somehow God didn't want me to buy this shoe
He wanted me to get a cheaper and nicer wan perhaps??
Haha..anyway I buy that shoe straight away RM119.90-50%= RM 59.90!!xD
I reached home by 5:00pm!!
ah~Tiring day==
After my housework i got to continue my assignment~~

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