Third day work^^

Friday, March 04, 2011 in

Sorry to update myself that late!!
I have got a new job just opposite my HOUSE^6^
Quite nice also~
Cuz it is way convenience
LAst time work i need to walk to bus stop and take rm1.90 fee to OTK~
But i kinda like to walk there also~
HAha xD usually walk for 30min will reach^^
Because walk 10,000 a day is healthy for our BODY!!
HeLL ya i love to walk^^
But now i just need walsk in 5 min then I reach my work place!!
I am quite happy when i got this work~
Means this month i still can EARN more MONEY~$.$
Plus my timetable cannot suite the OTK work there~

I actually got a almost same job as OTK~
Check on student homework
And guide them in their exercise from the center~
But the work here is much more easier and relax xDD
Because I no need mark their exercise or discuss with them~
Here student is much mature than last time there @@
They know to do homework themself~
Just some boys are naughty ==~haha
The girls are more quite and nice^^
So it is more quite environment than before~
At least I no need to take ROTAN and guide them==
But here I got paper work to do~
It is easy wan la~^^
Done it before~xD
Paperwork stick and cut is easy than you handle children ma^^ hahaha

Today got a HEAVY RAIN~
the rain like small then go BIG
after BIG small
small and BIG again!!!
I am all wet~==!!!
SHoe and pants ~!!

SO today we got some accident happening~~
gt one student~
Make hand stand against the wall~
Just like above~
And when he going down~
He kick on one of the Kakak there~
And not lucky is~
The kakak got her eye injured and BLOOD~==+
I am inside the room doing my paperwork that time~
When i got out~
I heard someone crying~
At first I thought it was a student or wat~
BUT when The crowd move away~
I saw the kakak sit on the chair crying with her one hand cover her eye~LOL
So cham~
Kelian big girl also cry~
Means it is very PAIN d lo~~~
So my boss ask the student to call his mother to bring to doctor~
Luckily she still can c~
DIdn't cause blindness~
After this incident what we can heard from outside is SILENT~!!
so when something serious is happening only children will scared d lo!!hahaha

So today quite interesting day for me~
Cold and Bloody day~hahahaha

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