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Thursday, March 24, 2011 in
I have finally finish my WEBPAGE assignment LOL..HAPPY sei~
ALthough this work I got QING JIAO Susan help me d
But really thx to Trista Babe~
On wednesday she told me tat she has finish her webpage already
Then I ma ask her teach me lol..
Yhen she ma teach me lol..
Write down on the paper Insert layout - Ap Div
The I went home and try
I found that it was very asy to navigate
The code no need type ourselves also
We can just simply move around and place to the place we want
Susan use table to do d..
But i still cannot satisfied with her work..SORRY!!!
I know she already try her best
Lucky I done her assignment till 7788 jo
So I do my webpage till late night do till very addicted LOL
Haha..But I manage to finish many pages and added one more page too
Al last I manage to done my full webpage navigation..happy sei ^^
I can pass up by today also early jo one day as well=)
I finally found that webpage is very easy to do only~LOL
Below 12 hour then can done~
Anyway thx to my dear Susan and Trista la..
Below is my webpage layout

My gallery page~


ABout Us~

Project page LOL

Homepage 3


You can see my center is a java coin slider~will change photo on it on~


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