After few days of working here..
I feel good also^^
Although I need to wear long jeans d~
But is still accpetable for me
Later when I need to go work~
I need have my own formal shirt as well~

When I work here only i know that
Study in the first class do not have to be quite that kind of student
Just have to be very CLEVER d~
It is true
Got one boy he is very very naughty~haiz!!
1-2 homework can do for few hours~
And always play around with his friend
He just can't sit there quietly~
He must be very talkative and doing stupid things~==!!
I heard from other student
During exam he got kick out from classroom to exam==
And at the Center got one ROTAN is his mum specially brought just for him~~
And the Boy who kick until the kakak until bleed wan is his BROTHER

Another one boy
He alway play with his stationary
Ruler la
Pencil la
He also can play with
Some of his classmae say he always not concentrate is class also~==
But he is clever~LOL!!
So good~haiz

So as you all can see
you just need to be CLEVER to be in that first class~

But me although I have been in the first class for pass 6 years~
I always get nearly last in the class

Just a normal student live in a normal life
What to hope be
What can I be

Maybe I just need to be The one WHO I AM today

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