Working Freelancerrrr 0.0

Sunday, March 27, 2011 in

Today is my first time working as a freelance
At first I thought that she already find someone replace her
but still they need one more person to do
I am very nervous because this is my first time doing freelance
Actually I kinda hate to approve other people that I don't know want==
But still I accept this work
One is for Xtra money
Thinking positively I take this opportunities as a life experience!!
Still I am nervous LOL!!
I got a dresscode as well for my work
It's look like a nurse want~
With nice shirt, skirt and hat~
So I think my job is letting customer play a game on ipad
Later they need to sms their score to a station then I will give them a slimming voucher for free

The supervisor tell me to wait him by 1pm
Then he change to 1:30pm
And later he say jam 2:00+pm only will reach
We got jam all the way to Pandan Indah(i also don't know where d==)
Until 3:15pm only we reach we start our work
We got change in a toilet in petrol station
I found out the another girl that work with me already 22 years old~
But she like shorter than me!!
149/150cm!? I think~
LOL..I was shocked!!
Because when I am in the car~
She keep chit chat with the supervisor~
Talking cantonese xD~
i just sit there quietly~
Anyway we are just doing that work from a cafe to another cafe
The weather is hot and customer was few!!!
I feel awkward as well!!ARGH~~~~~~~!!!!!!!
I just manage to give 2 voucher but the girl already give jor 6==
Kinda feel stress and....haiz~LOL
After work for 1 hour plus~
I just give 4 voucher~
Later we got to eat and rest at a Tong SHui shop~
Yummy~~龙眼豆腐花~NICEZ~!!Love it~
Later we stop at a cafe for totally 3 hours~
LOL..that time I am freaking boring as well~
Jus fbing with ipad and smsing with my BABY
Didn't chat much with them LOL
World is really small until her bestie sister is my friend~
I am the one who take over her place~

7pm+ there are only a few customer in the cafe
We are getting impatient as well~
We start to work again by going to Permaisuri there..LOL
Business still no good~
Many people reject and some even don't listen also~
later we back to Pandan Indah again
Still there are only few people over there also
My friend say 8:30-9pm usually got a lot of people wan~
but don't know why today got so few people ONLY
Steven Corner gt more customer@@
Because we have to approve people at mamak~
Many guys smoking~!!
Heavy smoke when I explain how things going
I can smell that smoke too~
It go through my nostril my mouth my eye~
I explain till sore throat as well~
But still not good also==
most of them rejected also~~!TT
Time pass very fast==
Customer got many types as well~
SOme are friendly as they got work with Bizzy Body before
Some are ex worker and manager or some position~
Some will ask us to play with them as well~
Curious wan will just curious about the ipad that I'm holding
They will play with them ask me about it
They will play first and then they will say
I have no phone, phone no credit or nobody want slimming
Joking wan will be saying world don't have free lunch d~==
Don't want play or send the message~

We worked until 10:15pm
I give jo 24 voucher only==~
All is 52 voucher I guess~
Tired and exshauted also LOL!!
My friend say today damn few customer and don't know got many of them don't want to play and always reject~
She get angry and fedup as well~
For me kinda dissapointed as well~haiz~
First time work ler...ofcuz wish to get good result wan ma~
But is not wor
Anyway I got a wonderful experience working freelance xD
Better ler don't work that again LOL
But if got chance I still will consider sbout it d =))

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