Karaoke GEEKS!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011 in
At Tangkak we are so bored~
Because My laptop charger SPOILED!!!
Makes me cannot ON my LAPTOP at all~ TT
I think the first few days is still ok for me~
My small aunt has come today^^
She saw a KARAOKE box near the bus station @ Tangkak~
So we planned to sing K that evening~xD
The karaoke was quite big and nice ~^^
I think got a bit expensive ba~haha
We sing from 6pm to 9pm~
We have our dinner there as well~=)
The song at thre was very updated =)
Good service~
Food not bad~
We were quite enjoy~
Me and my cousin^^
My cousin has a good voice ^^
Although we went with family~
My mum and my aunts sing K also~==
Although all is old song~
But me and my cousin sing the most xDD
But we sing quite old song too~
Forget to choose LATEST song d~~
But is ok~
Still we are enjoying ourself~xD
My little cousin enjoy as well~
The karaoke got few people only~
The first floor just got us only~
Some more is the VIP room~haha
But I truly think that this Station Box Karaoke is really a whole lot better than WANGSA WALK and Setapak area wan~
The food my small aunt got the fish and chip got the sour smell~~
So we got to change~
At first me and cousin sing 1st they eat~
Later we eat and they sing XD
FUll full^^
We sing till 9pm still the station song keep going on~xD
We left and went to the STORE
Buy some stuffs
I saw handphones!!
So wanted to change a new handphone!!
Anyway is my first time sing K with my relatives and my mum~
Kinda enjoy =))

my little cousin~loves CAM~

The interior design of the STATION BOX KARAOKE~^^ nice lerrr
The piano staircase~

Me and my Leng lui cousin~^^


My mum and my relativesss~^^

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