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Thursday, April 28, 2011 in

About my work at TAC Tuition Center
Still so far so good
Meet a few new work mates
They are been hired and work on Saturday
because of their college life
When I first saw one of them
It was Jasmine~
She told me Hui Lun is working there also
I was surprise
I never thought of they will be one I know
Still the world is small ya ==
Jasmine and Hui Lun have been in the same primary school,high school and eve college!!!
But we just got in different class and course
So we are not that close as you guys think

Meeting children is not that hard actually
If you are close with me
You will find that I LOVE CHILDREN a LOT!!
But communicating with them was a little bit hard
Maybe Because I have been with small kid from standard 5 or 6??
When I first in POwerfun
My church children ministry=))
Until I start to teach tuition
Till now 2011
Quite a long years I been with KIDS
I still feel the FULLNESS of educating them =))

Working at TAC Center
My work mainly was just checking their homework
Giving them 听写&订正
Many many things i still learning LO
What I most scared is check wrong their homework =(
Feel stressed want lar
When you know you check wrong LIAO
Usually there is a double check thing going xD
But I quite hate myself if I know I have checked wrong =(
I will try to remind myself not to repeat my mistake again LOL
At the mean time
I know that tuition teacher answer when also cannot compare their school teacher answer
We can just guide them and try our best =))
Sometimes when I check jo
But the when they got back their book
I will feel dissapointed
Because I know is my responsible to get them wrong
I didn't check properly~~T.T
So i kinda serious after few times of mistake
Until the student tell me
Because student hate to redo their mistake they make wan
But who ask them to be careless
I am a human TOO!!
That's why I will do mistake as well=)

Hahahan xDD

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