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Saturday, April 02, 2011 in
FINALLY i been working with this job for a MONTH already
Now i think I have been upgrade
Because I have started to check STANDARD 4 homework now!!!
Feel kinda stress~
CAuse i have not familiar with their syllabus LOL!!
Because usually when I am in the standard 1 and 2 class~
Homework are very fast check finish~
Later I will start and do my paperwork already~
But now i get less time to do my paperwork jo~~T^T
Now they will ask us to help them check standard 4 and above student geh homework!!!
I can take this is a opportunities to upgrade my standard as well ^^
Actually being a teacher is a very good job~`
Because at least you still gain knowledge from them when you teach them~hee

Still my work are still RELAX
Noisy sure got~
But NOT THAT noisy~
Still the naughty want still are THE NAUGHTIEST at all!!LOL
Lucky he is not in the class already~
But in the office doing his homework~
If not the class will like HELL LOL!!!

Because is my first time guiding Standard 4 homework
So many question still i need to refer from other teacher
Haha..scared i get wrong answer ma
I am checking their homework in my BOSS office~LOL
So it is very quiet and peaceful inside
And I can concentrate more also..haha
If I am in the standard 1 and 2 classroom
I don'nt know am I too tired or wat
I can like do nothing
Sometimes even forget what I need to do next d==

But checking Standard 4 homework makes me more understand their syllabus
I am glad=)
I start to think
Checking Homework is not hard also
Because Tuition if you are not teaching well
Parent will always blame you for not teaching their children well
But just checking homework we have to make sure don't check it wrongly LA

Oh ya
I meet with a LOT of people I know also when I working there
Like m aunt
i saw my cousin at the center also
I will greet her when I saw her
And one more
I meet my high school teacher- Pn.Chong
Teaching us Chinese and Moral
Her twins son is now study in Lee Rubber and they are standard 4
When I first saw her
I was surprise LOL(world really is that small)
I forgot her name~ and when I ask her son only I remember xD
Now her son was standard 4
I am quite a teacher and friend to the students
Although they are twins
But they are very easy to be recognize~xD
So here is this
Their mother was my teacher last time
I am their teacher now

I found this was interesting xDD

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