Happy teacher day

Happy teacher day to me

Although nobody wish me

Student all also 4get liao tim
All say 25th school party tat time oni give me
What do I expect???
A good result and a good understand on study will be a good present to me

As for our father God

He is a teacher and a father to us as well

He preach God's word and give us wisdom

Jesus sacrifice and his teaching are so great
What are the best present to our Father God in heaven???
Have you guys ever think about that God has prepare many present for us
When ever we need him
When we forget about him
When we in heaven with him
Our love , faith to our Father God actually is the best gift to him


Although i didn't teach them but ofcuz
I hope my student can get a good result tooo sooo
At Last happy teacher to me lol..hahahaha

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