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KlCC Uniqlo

Today is KLCC UNIQLO opening!!!
The first 500 customer will get a free totem bag from UNIQLO!!!
I wanted to get one==
I reach KLCC at 9:30am!!!
And when I got there I saw there are A LOT of people~!!
Damnn a lot~~
I quee up at the behind behind behind near the escalator to the parking ==
I was shock LOrrr~~
since I got nothing to do's~
I just cam whoring around and listening to musicc~

after 20minutes time~
They finally OPEN and let us go in!!
Me so excited LOL
I didn't take lot's of photo actually
Because there cannot take photo wann T.T
The staff there are very NICE and FRIENDLY
It is a custom whenever a customer went in THEY WILL SAY
And after we left
THANK YOU **(forget liao)
Feel nice when someone greet you like that rightt
I try not to buy A LOT of shirt
One shirt cost RM39.90
Although it was made in China
But the design and brand was from JAPAN!!!
There are many different kinds of design compare to Farenheit wan
They sell POLO TEEEs~ too!!
Many shirt I feel like wanted to buy AHHHHHHHHH
But I just brought onee!!
My favourite maaa
I buy one leggings as weell=))
Just rm17.90 ONLI!!
My mum was there with me also!!
I was surprise==
I don't know she is coming as well
So she got ONE FREE BAG as well~
When I was paying the money
I actually thought it was enough
But was not==
I just don't knoww~~
But something happened~
I don't know is good or bad==
Me and mummy shop KLCC for a while
We headed to my brother school~

The queue are LONG

The exit T.T the entrance was on the other side~

The inside of UNIQLO~
i'm not allowed to take photo LOL!!

Cube uniqlo~xD


My brother get a Anugerah for the Best Mata Pelajaran in BIOLOGY
So we went to his school
==Just beside minee
I hate boys school actually
When they saw a girl went in their school
They will like sampat NIA
Like didn't see girls before MEH!!
My brother was wearing FORMAL!!
LoVE hiS LOOk worR!!
So we just watch the performance and waited for the penyampaian hadiah~!!
I just take photo of my BROTHER onli Laa!!
But we just know the present and the money all KELAM KABUT douuuuuuuuu~~
Everybody got the wrong name of the present and the money ==
Then need to give back to the people some moree
Own wan lerr
Need wait someone to give back you PULAKKK
Feels SUCKSS~!!
My brother didn't get his money and JIANG PAI LOL
SO my mum go and ask for it~
And we just that RM8 LOL
Then we just headed home LOL!!

WOrkiNg Time aGaiN

Lined up for the ANUGERAH~

my handsome brother xD

you c!! they both are so TALL==
And the vice principal look so small standing between them~

I get the free UNIQLO BAG!!!
And my mum actually ask me to design the white bag~
That how it looks likee~
The ribbon I sew it up~!xD
and the 2 EYE BADGES ^^

These are the plastic bag they give~
very nice oso~xD

At last~ I bought this T-shirt~
BIG BANG SHOW!!! love it~
cost me rm39.90 T.T

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