Pipit 6th WOnderfUl MarKet

Today is Pipit 6th WOnderfUl MarKet
I waited for this event a year LIAO
I been go to this market for the 3rd time LIAO!!
This time they didn't invite me also T.T
But luckily Pamela saw it and tel Chee Seng and he tell me xD\
QUickly i decide to GO of cuzz!!
Pipit actually is a market that sell HANDMADE STUFF!!
So we can buy many Limited DESIGN things that
Because it is handmade and you can't get it anywhere
But through their website~=))
The design they made it is very NICE and PREETTY

We reach they like 10:30am
And I just found out that Pipit start at 12pm wan LOL
We just walk around CHI CHEONG GAI
But still time pass very sloww==
We have to waited at the food court LOL
When the clock strike 12pm
We went in
The first stop we went
They ask us to sign for the AIDS sign
I still remember I got this for DRAMA
Lucky us three
We are the first to sign and the ribbon xD
Later we continue to walk around
We feel that this year got more NICE and CREATIVE design
But our budget got LIMIT!!!
I can't stop the urge to buy
Because I love accessories as well xDD
And there sell a lot of accessories!!!
And cute DOLLSS~
They all made it themself ok!!
It look LOVELY
So if one want to stands among the crowd
You have to sell something special~xD
I didn't bring much money~
I just keep capture many PHOTO~
A good place for photograph xDD
I get excited and inspire by the THINGS THEY DESIGN~
There got 2 floors we can go up~
Not much special things thereee..
And we walk until I also hungry liao==
Me and Chee Seng meet with Alan and Nick too~
I didn't meet much of my friends there
Just heard from Pamela that Kok Kent was there too
I actually buy jor one HELLO KITTY handphone accessories
That cost rm10 ==
Oh YA~!!
Forget to mention thing sell there is not CHEAP~
My handphone accessories is verryy LOOOSEE==
I drop the strip on my handphone strip==
We went off by 2pm
And have our lunch WAN TAN MIAN~~
And a drink cost rm6.50
Very "cheap" right
Because the shop we went is actually very famous wan
We take bus back homee

I was totally EXSHAUTED and TIRED

click here The photo

Photo actually speaks much than words=))

Lovey bear~!!

Out of the illustration i saw~
Most love this wan xD

look real har!??

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YOU SEE~!! wu li zi oso can sell~=)hahahya


HandMADE MO TIAN LUN~~!! ^6^ damn nice and LOVE ITT~~~

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