A trip to FRIM

Today is a replacement holiday of yesterday Labour day
So I have no work by the way
But we have planning for THE WHOLE DAY

We wake up at 6AM!!
Because we are going to FRIM today!!
I am way too excited LOL
Because I had long time didn't visit nature already
I LOVE natureee!! weeee
FRIM full name is Forest Research Institute Malaysia
FRIM promotes sustainable management and optimal use of forest resources in Malaysia by generating knowledge and technology through research, development and application in tropical forestry.
My mum friend actually invited us
And we follow their car to FRIM
FRIM was quite big~LOL
We are surrounded by TREESSSSSSSSSS!!!
There are residents there as well~
There are actually a lot of people who are coming~
One car cost rm4
One person rm1
Per entrance =))
My mum don't want to wait for them to come
She got work at 10AM!!
So we climb just a distance and we stop~
We thought cannot climb already~
But when one uncle that we know he actually bring us to climb
To a higher level xDD
There are many ROCKS and WATERFALL!!
WE climb till the check point~
But we just rest A WHILE!!
We continue to walk up again!!
Its a bit oblique and because yesterday night got a BIG RAIN
So we need to becareful when we are walking up~~
The uncle keep say Wai Khee LOL
I also ask him
Uncle, why you so geng wan
Wear Slipper also can climb worrr
xDD hahaha
We spend one hour to walk up and walk down xD
It was nice though~~hahaha
I am having FUN!!

Later when we are going downhill again~
WE went off first
And my mum don't wan go down from the waterfall
So we walk down from a hill
I was running when we are going down
But the journey is quite long==
In my heart I'm thinking when can I reach to the END!!???
Time run fast
And when we reach to the END
We are lost LOL!!!
My mummy ask direction from people~
Keep LEFT!!
So we continue our walk again~~
LOVE it when the air rushing towards you~
AS we walking
My mum ask jor 2 people
They say continue left~~
So we reached a junction and we turn left
But my mum doubting~~
She say did we ever pass this place??
so we went up again LOL
ANd we are thinking to "Tumpang" someone car ==
But we ask a two malay Ladys
and they say Left!!!
DeFINiTELY is there~~
I also KEK liao LOL
Don't know why my mum so MANG SAK!!
I continue to run onli LOL
And I found that our car parking is just infront of us LOL!!
SEE la~~!!!
Sienz jor of my mum
So we found our car and we headed home

ANyway Hope to be here again!!!
Love GREeN

Photos babee!!


my mum LOL!!

cue Wai Khee~~

We rest here..nice vieww~~hee

We walk to cross over xD do you ever walk on a inner side of a tree xDD

Colorful branch xDD hahaha

At lastt~~sweatyy meee!! xDD

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