Food Poison!!

Friday, July 01, 2011 in
A sad day
Bad luck I guess
I totally forget my dentist appointment
About 11:30am only I remember
I'm late !!
Kena ppl say lorr
Finally I heard a good news that on September I can say goodbye to my braces LOL!!!
Later when I reach lrt
Stomach not feeling well went to toilet
When I reach home realised I have not bring my key along
My stomach getting more pain
Waited for 45min
I vomited before I get in the house
And twice in the toilet
still feel pain
The pain is like twisting and until I cannot stand LOL!!!
When I vomit also hard..
My mum saw my condition become worst
We went to clinic
I am still having a lot of pain
I manage to see the doctor first
And many nurse surrounded me
Took blood test, urine test and finally dripping
When the doctor come
She check and say 80% I am having appendix pain
She calling ambulance some more!!!
That time I'm quite weak because too pain already
And because I'm too thin take blood and dripping also hard!!
I can feel the pain also..phew
My mummy is following inside the ambulance car
In case I need to go in OPERATION!!!! T.T
Ni no ni noo
Inside the ambulance I wan nearly falling asleep and the journey was damn fast
I got straight into EMERGENCY WAD
First time in an ambulance and in an emergency wad
Quite comfortable with aircond and all
The doctor come and press my stomach
Pain in the middle and doctor say I got food poisoning!!
Lucky no operation needed~
What a relief
I still feel pain in a while
I manage to sleep also
Nurse put something in my buttock and inject
Need wait for my dripping to finish
Around 6:45pm
I can discharge already
Pamela dad come and fetch us take car
Having 2 days MC from the doctor
And medicine too!!!
Went home and sleep whole night!!

Thank you Pastor Francis come and pray for me at the hospital!!
Thx everyone who are worry about me!!
I'm ok!!
Especially thanks to my dear mum who are been so worry about me!!!

The second time~T____T
more pain this timee~

The hole that the needle do to my hand~!!
Hate itt!!!
The most things in my life is SHARP OBJECTS!!
especially NEEDLE!!!

Need to say bye bye to my braces on the 12th of September ~!!
Can't wait!!

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